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  1. I know I'm late and chances are that you already have the answer, but no. Mayday is the child that would have grown if Norman hadn't taken her away during the Clone Saga. Meanwhile Annie is the child that would have been born if One More Day didn't happen, or more specifically, if the first Superhuman Civil War never occured the way it did, thus making it that Peter never revealed his secret identity. One of the mos important parts of Renew Your Vows for Annie is that she is told about Ben Reily and what happened to the Mayday of her world. And when she met MC2 Mayday, she says that if the one of her world had survived, then Annie would have had an older sister. Basically Mayday is the first born of Peter and Mary Jane while in Renew Your Vows, Annie would have been the second child if Mayday had survived

  2. That answer my friend was on point! Very much appreciated especially with the layout of the timeline

  3. ETH is the native token of Ethereum network with PoS consensus that Vitalik Butterin founded and everyone kept supporting.

  4. Sounds similar to the situation with Ethereum Classic afew years back! Thanks so much for the guidance! Very much appreciated!

  5. Amazing stuff thanks kindly for passing on the knowledge and support, cheers!

  6. The historical maximum price was $300 in sept 19. 2018. I know we can't draw far-reaching conclusions from the past data. But I'm optimistic about the Legalization. Ladies and Gentlemen keep in mind it will happen soon!!! 🚀🚀🚀

  7. It hit $60 when Biden was Elected, maybe we will see that again once Legalization hits. That number is no $300 but $60 is good enough for me!

  8. how about being able to move the forge to the builder base instead. It would mean you could only use master builder and Otto, but for those that need their home builders it would be a nice way to make use of their maxed builder base

  9. Brilliant. Makes even more sense than what I mentioned. And the fact it’s a floating island make even more sense to have it move

  10. That’s what I was thinking, if you have the sixth builder, and use a normal builder, you still have 5 builders either way

  11. Once you max out your BB O.T.T.O. just sleeps, there is nothing for him to do.

  12. My Builder Hall is maxed, Would be nice to bring O.t.t.o over to the Forge

  13. One of my clan mates died in a car crash in 2019, We are mostly all Friends IFL and Two are his actual brothers! We keep him in as a memorial. It’s hard when these things happen but it’s just life. Spend time together playing:)

  14. If new players think attacking and stealing loot is a “grind“ they would quit long before they get to the end anyway. That is playing the game. That said, unlike the comic books, SC can and does make the early halls much faster to go through. If they don’t add more hall levels (I expect th15 later this year) they will lose a lot of veteran players.

  15. I’ve been playing for 8 years now, These new players don’t even know the word grind compared to the game early days

  16. We distribute medals based on 1. amount of stars earned, 2. % of destruction ( but only if multiple people have earned the same stars.)

  17. Maybe a pet for the Master Builder, He technically operates as a Hero

  18. I doubt anything related to BB will be introduced in this update.

  19. Rumour was the Master Builder Mech would be able to come over to main village, seems fitting since he’s useless in BB especially when maxed. But that was in 2020 so who really knows.

  20. Make a way to trade resources to other people in your clan

  21. Agree! I should be able to trade my gold from my max BB with a clan mate who needs for Troops, Gems whatever

  22. I used to watch Deadnsyde back in year 2020, had a lot of fun there for a while.

  23. Dave Lee, Tom Nash and Justin Oh from Cents Invest are great! Both Ex Wall St. Analysts

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