1. I have never posted any of my own art, I am not Krysdecker, if you want more of their are please check out the link provided. I share art I enjoy, I don't post any of my own work, I don't own anything I post. Please do not get confused about this.

  2. I found Krysdecker's DeviantArt and IG. But he doesn't share his nude art there

  3. Yeah but you're not giving me the reasons haha. What I'm currently seeing is interesting storylines, solid logical steps within the storylines, the characters all have their own specific voices and decent animation (though aesthetically less interesting than STAS, BTAS and BB since I do love my deco).

  4. Compared to other DCAU shows, it is lack luster. I think even Timm would say that about that season.

  5. 🤷🏻‍♂️ ok then. Sounds like it's a solid show then if the worst thing that can be said about it is that compared to a great show, it's not as great

  6. Yeah. Those would be some of the worst DCAU episodes, because if you rank the whole list, some have to come up as the worse, but that's still the worse of a great list.

  7. I'm so obsessed with the way she fuses adorability with sexines. It's so unique

  8. What's thee point of having a mansion if it's going to be cookie cutter

  9. I feel you, my brother. I like my Batfamily very minimalist.

  10. How? She's probably the most innocent and decent character in the series

  11. I didn't know that. Thanks for that.

  12. Well, check movies like Dark an, Roger Rabbit, Dick Tracy, Batman and Batman Returns, Rocketeer, Brazil, The Flash (series) The Fisher King, The Mask. They all had that sort of aesthetics. Some were set in the past but some not

  13. I have seen the Batman movies and the Flash series. Thank you for suggesting the others though.

  14. *Darkman was one that my spellchecker massacred. And I'll add Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles. Like even in Friends Chandler was kinda retro in the early episodes

  15. The ones in metropolis don't fly? They also have a Disselpunk vibe, BB is more cyberpunk

  16. Audrey Hepburn is clearly the model and the character I think might be death of the endless?

  17. I assumed that it was meant to look like Audreys dress. Also is the background the btas opening heist?

  18. No, the building from the opening is a bank, this building has two symbols of what it is, besides Deaths homage costume

  19. No. It was a tragedy for Jimmy too. They had what looked like a hardcore sibling rivalry, but neither would have liked the other to have a really bad fate.

  20. When it comes to Violet, I'm crazy about zero makeup. The woman is perfect

  21. Hal was a total hit. Barry was a miss. I think Barry should have returned to get a final act, not to be restored as the current Flash permanently. Wally should have eventually returned to that role

  22. Not really, kind of wide. We'd have to see if your face is short

  23. It was stupid. For a story arc it would have been fine, with him fixing the past at the end, but as a character origin is comepletely unnecesary and lacks the understanding of the multiverse...

  24. Ralph just finished installing a teleportation tube in his convertible, so he, Sue and their dog can now travel all over the World to solve mysteries. They try a few locations and decide to pay Superman a visit at his Fortress, only to find a 1.40m version of him talking gibberish.

  25. Is death overseeing the intro to batman TAS where that building blows up before the batmobile comes out?

  26. About the closest so far. The background building is not the bank from the opening. It appears in The Man Who Killed Batman and it has to do with what's going on in the picture

  27. In the Spanish translation of that episode they call Worverine "Dynamic Needle".

  28. Cities need to make sure they’re taxed the same as hotels to start with. Some cities limit the number of them. They’re just another business and not responsible for rent increases any more than housing vouchers. The only way to lower rents is to build more rentals.

  29. Maybe the number can be limited per host and area in some way

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