1. If you ordered from a sketchy seller you could have been given fake tracking info. You can open a case against it saying it never arrived.

  2. It's because my neighbors said they have stuff of theirs that was stolen today too.

  3. The package was stolen. I said the neighborhood I'm in is sketchy.

  4. eBay won’t help you. Ask the post office if it was indeed delivered to your address.

  5. Tracking said it was delivered. I know it was stolen since my neighbors said stuff of theirs was stolen today also.

  6. I've been waiting 8 days for mine. I ordered a $10 eBay gift card on 8/3.

  7. That was quick. Its been removed already. Its only been 24 hrs :(

  8. I talked about the Panini sports books on here before

  9. How are they faking playing? Just curious, I'm not a musician by any means. Is he just playing a few notes that can be strung together to sound like real songs or playing some audio pretending its him

  10. I caught him hiding his laptop that played the audio.

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