1. Bergen is a one day city. Get a car drive to Voss. Do some activities there. Drive to the Hardanger or Sognefjord based out of Voss. If you want the fully touristy option check out the Voss to Voss round-trip called Norway in. Nutshell. If you want the best option just drive north from Bergen with your car sooner or later you have to take ferries and they are super cheap compared to tourists boats.

  2. One day city? If you mean just walking through it, but there's a lot to see in Bergen and in its immediate surroundings. Tons of great museums, for instance.

  3. Jeg er en del av denne visse deler du snakker om, jeg er overbevist om at folk flest som blir 100% ufør har en form for arbeidsevne. Jeg alene kjenner flere eksempler og jeg har ikke akkurat noe stor bekjentskapskrets… men hvis du gir alle som blir ufør 100% så vil de ikke ha noe grunn eller motivasjon til å finne den arbeidskapasitet de har.

  4. Ikke nødvendigvis. Jeg er 100% ufør, og har fast jobb og ivrer etter å få høyere stillingsprosent. Fordi for meg så er det å jobbe en energiboost, det gir mening i hverdagen, det gir mestringsfølelse, det gjør at jeg føler meg inkludert. Arbeidsoppgavene gjør at det alltid finnes nye ting å lære, nye mål å strekke seg etter. Du får sjansen til å motivere medarbeidere, men også å lære av de som har mer erfaring.

  5. Case and point… Du er jo det perfekte eksempelet på hvorfor mange av de som blir 100% ufør ikke skulle ha hatt det.

  6. Jo, det er ganske merkelig. "Varig nedsatt arbeidsevne" sto det i brevet, og det føltes veldig rart. Men det viser vel bare at så lenge man finner riktig jobb, da er mye gjort.

  7. I have to disagree. Content aside, I find Mike Duncan far more enjoyable to listen to. Apart from the first few episodes (where I guess Mike was finding his style and getting used to podcasting) it is easier listening and with just enough dry humour and personal anecdotes scattered though the series. You can see why so many people have tried to copy his format and style.

  8. Yeah, I think the last part is a problem with both of Duncan's podcast series. Some topics are frustratingly short, like his handling of the American revolution, especially when you compare it to the massive amounts of detail found in the Russian revolution series.

  9. You want one that is about such theories, or one that legit peddles them? Pretty big difference, but I take it you want the latter?

  10. They got Mike Duncan to do the narration, just to mess with people's heads.

  11. I'm wondering if there's a good, non-subscription music player for all those files you can't find in your podcast app. Android user here. I have Google Play Music, but I don't wanna subscribe when it's stuff I've already paid for that I'm using it for.

  12. Google play music works just fine for mp3s on your phone. You don't need to subscribe to anything

  13. In you didn't see it and not one come to give you a specific answer you can look at the book from the reading list in the side bar:

  14. Thanks a bunch, this'll give me some idea of what I have to choose from.

  15. As a point of recommendation: I read the first book on that list, Greek History by Robin Osborne, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a great introductory text to the subject. It's not directly comparable to SPQR, in large part because it's only a third the length. This means that it doesn't cover nearly as many topics, and doesn't go into quite the same depth as Mary Beard's book. That said, it's a great book to read for a quick introduction, and you may find it really helpful for pointing you towards subjects you'd like to learn more about.

  16. In all honesty, I have so many massive books that I've purchased this past year, that a less arduous reading experience would do me good. I'll check it out, thanks.

  17. Huh, I just asked about who'd make a great Napoleon podcast over on

  18. Thank you! Yeah, there's so much material to work with, it's a little daunting

  19. I can imagine, but three episodes in, I think this sounds promising. Good audio, clear, unhurried diction, and the content itself is very interesting to a history enthusiast such as myself. Being Norwegian, I know that my country's constitution is directly related to the Napoleonic wars, so that makes it feel relevant beyond just being really, really fascinating.

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