1. I had cut out a picture of Jane Fonda from a Life magazine. I was showing it to a friend in the schoolyard a teacher saw it and called it pornography. The principal was a nun, Sister Olga, she agreed. Called me a vile little child. I was in grade 5 or 6. She then called my mother and asked if such a pervert as I was still welcome in her home. My mother dropped the phone and walked the 3 blocks to the school. She took the photo. Gave the nun the dirtiest look I had ever seen and we walked out without a word. She never talked about it but that was right around when we all stopped going to church.

  2. I met my wife of 35 years the day she moved into the apartment next door to me in Toronto. She knocked on my door and asked to use my phone to call her dad and tell him she had arrived safely from her hometown. I was smitten. Never looked back. Iā€™m thankful there were no cell phones back then!

  3. Do not be so hard on yourself. These are unsettling and unprecedented times. I had a relapse last friday, blew a 450 day streak. I refuse to get down about it. I did not pick up the bottle the next day. You can do the same, even after a week long bender, Stop again. A relapse is a lesson, learn from it move on.

  4. They will not perish. They may be the strongest people on the planet. Your comment is nonsensical

  5. Norfolk County in Southern Ontario.

  6. Oh man. I'm in Chatham-Kent and I haven't seen a single one of my tulips come up yet. Jealous! šŸ˜

  7. No no. This one is inside! Still a bit of snow outside. Look through the window

  8. I was four years old and I remember watching JFK's funeral on television. It was very odd for our B and W TV to be on during the day. I would have been home as Kindergarten was only a half day then.

  9. That's what I thought, but yet they believe.

  10. Sell out the event the last two years and get cancelled. It's a crazy world we live in.

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