Chapter 177 [English]

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Chapter 176 [English]

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  1. Culture doesn’t work like that, all cultures evolve and change and won’t stay in the same place. For example, Football (soccer) started in England but they don’t win all world cups. When a culture has a “your a guest” mentality it’s usually from some sort of violent history and relationship in that area.

  2. Was half expecting he was gonna leave and comeback in knights armor

  3. Saitama x fubuki is at acquaintance level, tats x Saitama is destroyed house so not sure what level that is, Genos x tats fought together but she did beat him up so idk, psykos x fubuki is manipulation and betrayal so pretty much dead, genos x Saitama is also dead Saitama confirmed not gay so sorry.

  4. Not to mention the one drop rule. Many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Brazilians, Panamanians, Hondurans, Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, etc can trace some (if not all) ancestry to slavery... in fact... you'd be surprised how many people's DNA would show they are maybe only 35%-60% african descent even though they "present" as Black. Many Latinos can quantify at least 10-20% if not 100% of their identity to slave ancestry. I'm speaking as a Latino who is white, can present a couple of ways and I can mirror and shape shift between middle eastern people, white, and "Latino" whichever those are. I have a significant amerindian mixture with some arab and african ancestry (from the italian/spanish side no doubt) but my 6% african ancestry doesn't quantify me to any one drop rule status I don't believe, since I can't trace any lineage to the american slave trade and I believe that it's probably from the moor occupation of the iberian peninsula. My European genetics are 70% with the remaining being amerindian but I can't get Native American status in the USA even though I am ~20.something% because it's from Colombia versus First Nations

  5. Majority of Latinos have slave ancestors because the Spanish and Portuguese also made slaves of the indigenous people unlike the British genocide and removal. It’s interesting to look into and they happened even to late as 1918 like in the Amazon rainforest and the rubber boom slavery (1870-1918)

  6. Nahh she cookin shit that started covid, my culture don’t do that

  7. Every animal we eat has caused a pandemic one time just how it goes

  8. I really think some catholic infiltrated the Klan and convinced them to wear that because the uniform is supposed represent shame like the dunce hat hence the pointy hood. Those idiots have no idea

  9. Pretty good tho the perspective of the note in the second panel is little strange kinda looked like a giant note but still good

  10. ayup, being a fan of this pairing in these times is hell lol

  11. Well it will help them grow a good connection cause she saw how to win Saitama over with food like dr Kuseno and she’ll try to be genuine considering all her efforts while being fake wasn’t working

  12. Used the brotherhood air Jordan 1 for the shoe, by the way do you know what’s the fastest way to do checkered patterns?

  13. At least the Romans didn't care about ethnicity, if you can work, you work.

  14. She might be saving her just to kill her herself. She still called her a monster

  15. I just realized Saitama and Fubuki both were very depressing kids in high school.

  16. Fubuki was worried about Saitama's safety or he was her triumph card against her sister?

  17. Fubuki wiping Tatsumakis mouth made me laugh lmao

  18. Yeah for real because so far it seems like Fubuki likes being the big sis or guardian type. From looking out for her group, to her convos with Saitama, and with tats now

  19. Looks like we found who’s been stealing all the oranges

  20. Looks like we found who’s been stealing all the oranges

  21. Looks like we found who’s been stealing all the oranges

  22. You've done nothing to refute my argument.

  23. There’s two ways of going about that scene could be she feels guilty like a “what have I done” scene. She does realize she was a horrible person and is making up. There’s still the Saitama scene where she looks shattered.

  24. Fun fact Hitler had banned animal testing as he said “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments" must end. The punishment would be sent to a concentration camp. Oh the irony

  25. ONE has already done a non canon Saitama x Fubuki work so curious if he’ll do it canonically. Also fubuki x psykos is very toxic and so far manipulative

  26. Cow girl probably but I would like to see more Sword Maiden

  27. Cuy is common to South America in the Andean regions because it was on of the few domesticated animals on this side of the earth before Columbus. Hence Ecuadorians, Peruvians, and Bolivians, and others eat Guinea pigs because it was the Inca that used it for meat like how the old world used chickens, cows, or pigs.

  28. Well I had an IPhone that was $800 at the time so yeah I did it for less

  29. That’s probably my pair because they lost it at Memphis

  30. Pretty good just practice some more on the lines for the water because they’re all little too similar while Murata has some thicker and thinner as it tapers off

  31. Notice artist made Ecuador the furthest away, probably didn’t want to draw the coat of arms

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