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  1. Un cacat de postare. Nu furi doar meserie ca sa fii cel mai bun. Trebuie sa faci cursuri, acreditari si multa munca fizica care nu e pentru oricine. E usor sa scrii e greu sa faci.

  2. A dat un comentariu pentru TLDR si unu pentru oamenii mai citeț nu stii tu

  3. There's a lot to unpack in this photo the more you look at it.

  4. I like sitting atleast 15 minutes in bed scrolling reddit

  5. The office is the best show to wind down to after a day of work

  6. League of legends because i like to make myself want to kms every day

  7. You can watch The Boys. Dean appears in season 3

  8. If taking care of your waste is a problem then maybe bring your own trash bags..?

  9. Yes you are. Because the trash is collected and they have paid cleaners that don t leave any trash behind

  10. Oh, right! The paid cleaners..I guess I forgot about them. Thank god we have all of these cleaners to take care of our trash..Otherwise we'd have an island of garbage the size of Texas..

  11. Bro go live in your fairytale world if you do not know how things work in the real world. Literally no one will keep the trash in their pockets at a festival. Moreover no one will carry trash bags around (ROFLMAO) to keep their trash in. Just imagine 10 dudes with full trashbags in the middle of a crowd at a concert. Just imagine.

  12. Dont press on the profile. Saved you some bleach

  13. If the shit in my profile is bleach worthy to you, you need to go touch grass.

  14. Deci omu’ a avut un accident, cere cateva sfaturi iar voi il judecati de parca ati iesit din pizda corecti 100%.

  15. Bro in America he would’ve got beat unconscious by all those “men” (boys) standing around

  16. You would have done shit. Keyboard warriors all around

  17. Eu am locuit o perioadă în Centrul Vechi și, pentru mine, fată, fu destul de sigur. Mă împiedicam din când în când, când ajungeam acasă seara sau noaptea, de niște turmentați care vorbeau în engleză sau italiană (mai bine zis, ei se împiedicau de mine), dar atât.

  18. It’s been criticised for using bodies of Chinese mental patients and political prisoners..

  19. I mean if they re already used atleast let me see it. It s bad but at the same time it s amazing

  20. Agree but they are still bodies. Theres 2 sides. One they can t consent and second they re dead so the persons body is not them anymore it s just a body and thats it

  21. Care e logica lui…daca chiar ti-ar fi disparut ceva de acolo…ce ii poti face sau zice….nu inteleg😂

  22. Sa nu i dispara cand il pune pe tren etc nu ca ar fi luat el

  23. I understand it's possible, but what does it take to make it happen.

  24. Got it. You just don’t want black people in it. 👌

  25. Literally no. There are races that are black in the books. But a dwarf? And a dwarf woman that doesn t have a beard? No. The only race that lives the furthest away from the sun is black?

  26. If dwarves were real they’d be little blind gremlins. It’s a fantasy world. They were created by a magical being lol.

  27. And that is why they are all white. I dont have any problems if more than half the cast was black but atleast make it seem like it fits. She does not seem like she fits in that part. Maybe i m wrong and the series will change my mind but as of now i can t see it

  28. si-ai fost si banat de pe google, deci n-ai cum sa te informezi singur...

  29. Daca la tine bac-ul e ceva cu care te lauzi ca “lai loat” mi e clar cat de smart esti

  30. Bro just shut up. You have more comments than likes and that shows people are not consuming shit without thinking like you

  31. More than his ass working a minimum wage job💀💀💀💀

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