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  1. that’s what i thought thank you. gonna stock up on as much as i can

  2. I second this. Having recently used a bottle I forgot I had put away, it was half full and last used in 2020, if it separates just heat it gently and it'll be perfect again

  3. I think you got malware or somethin 👀 I don't see a paywall, not even an ad in sight lol

  4. You are correct, it's what they do if a prisoner kills a guard. Also if that guard was a dog handler, the dog will seek revenge

  5. They're not looking for if you're under the influence they're looking for the illegal chemical in your system and that's what you get done for. It's not about being impaired or being under the influence at the time. They know full well most people won't be under the influence at the time of the test.

  6. 100% fact, it's to put fear in to you so you don't smoke it at all. So sick of backwards laws, it would be impossible for 90% of people to wait 72 hours before driving, and also rediculus. Imagine telling people you can't drive for 72 hours after you've had a pint. Just singling out the smoker as a criminal as usual, sooner the law changes with the times the better and we can move past this waste of time & resources..

  7. There’s regulations governing the materials they can be made of. Cardboard’s out

  8. Your home, in your favorite armchair. I guess the books are available online for mail order.

  9. I would not be able to simply fall asleep reading by a fire in my home.

  10. Well, yeah I mean that ones not safe, all the other homes that have fireplaces are safe, just not this.. Why? Well because there's a fire and no fireplace

  11. They can get their training in the field and their equipment and clothing from the dead on the battlefield. Why you so pedantic?

  12. Very true, we need to reduce, reuse & recycle.. they can even use the same graves as their fallen comrades. Ukraine could build an incinerator and burn what ever they find to provide power, about the only useful things orcs can be used for

  13. How they cant see the money that could be made from it is beyond me!

  14. They can but the older generation are the biggest supporters of the FF & FG, and a lot of those simply believe drugs = bad. Have a conversation with an older person about it, I'd say 9 times out of 10 they'll reply with, we're bad enough as it is without half the country going around dopey..

  15. Your first point is the most frustrating common argument one hears: "Sure look at how bad drink is...why would we want to legalise another substance?". It is not only old people who make it either.

  16. 100% agree, it's the old broken record. It's mad how a good chunk of people can't see how well it works in some countries, how profitable it could be..

  17. Never have I seen it explained so simply. It's like a raging war inside at times, medication helps swing the balance in one direction or the other. Untill that gets boring and it's time to try without meds 😂 then the chaos returns but we find peace in chaos.. Untill we're tired of fighting again. Such a viscous circle or catch 22..

  18. Wish there was more people like this in the world. I'll never understand why people with money can sometimes look down on other humans as if they're subhumans. Makes me sad sometimes. We all have red blood

  19. Practicality aside, I assume there's no upper limit to this? If you used steel i beams and thick steel chains, could you hang your mom off of it?

  20. lmqr says:

    Fox hunting is the kind of tradition that's just in place for the upper class to shake hands in an unofficial setting. So maybe that depends on your judge's background

  21. Been doing it all day. Usually when I'm offering advice based on my own experiences. Then a little voice tells me that 'they'll figure it out on their own' or something, and delete delete delete

  22. Same, or usually because I'm thinking someone will criticize me having never gone through it and say I'm wrong so I abort and delete just in case.

  23. Thanks for the reply. What if I never actually get the summons? Was reading there it has to be hand delivered

  24. Can I just ask, did they size the joint as evidence? I'm assuming they did and probably have a lab test back by now which confirms it so you'd be better off not hiding away. I mean if you keep avoiding them they might raid the gaff next and no one wants that. You should get off with a caution though, especially given the fact it was at a festival. Shitty thing to happen you though, hope it works out. Also don't admit to anything without speaking to a solicitor. This is the single biggest mistake a lot of people make. You would literally be doing their job for them.


  26. Let your phone to rest, it's to old to worth fixing.

  27. Since you can't access the router. You can just set an alarm and unplug it :).

  28. Yep or if you want to go full automation get a plug in timer and set the timer on that. You can thank us later for these great tips

  29. Is there any good telegram groups with updates? Understandably probably not if they're still trying to keep a media blackout but if there is drop a link or DM me. Thanks

  30. They're not running away to fight another day, they're bringing their broken morale back with them. Stories of absolute defeat and hopelessness are poisonous to morale.

  31. This! This is exactly what will happen, their stories of defeat will bring many more down, the ones that are already on the fence will see it and want to run too.. russian troops are already fighting amongst each other with no food, water or supplies. Tired and wore out and no sign of it getting better anytime soon.

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