Parent gave this to my sister who is a history teacher (cursive writing is hers)

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  1. How many people that are homeless are going to understand what the word human habitation means .? Why not use the word sleeping

  2. Holy shit. Calm down and stop believing the bullshit you are being fed about the environment and climate change.

  3. What is bullshit about climate change? Why would people lie about that?

  4. Nothing is bullshit about climate change. That has been happening since creation of Earth. What is bullshit is the propaganda that we will kill the planet in 20 years unless we all switch to EV.

  5. Well you’re right about EV not saving us. But if you’re denying man-made climate change…you’ll probably die a few years before it gets most of us. Ironic.

  6. Well it's not that other states don't want to deal with them. It's that they can't fix the problem. So instead of ignoring the problem. Like here in California. They ship them here. Where they can be ignored. So they can be allowed to do what they want to do. Like do drugs and steel.

  7. Shipping people away is like the advanced version of ignoring the problem, wtf are you on about?

  8. Jobs earn currency. Currency can be used in exchange for goods and services. Goods and services can help reduce conditions that lead to suffering.

  9. Wages aren’t benefits. They’re shitty necessities because of a shitty system. Jobs are not something to aspire to. You sound caught up in upholding an exploitative system.

  10. You completely missed my point. Clean water should not be a “benefit”. It is a necessity for life. Having to work at a job, making money for someone else (yes I’m aware some people don’t have bosses, I’m actually one of them but that’s besides the point), to get a little bit of that money, in order to get clean water and food is exploitation. But carry on, I’ll leave you and that boot you seem to love the taste of so much to have your moment together.

  11. I went to donate plasma yesterday and literally NO ONE working there was wearing a mask. One of the most high risk settings (people touching/handling bodily fluids, beds for donating are at best 6’ apart, 20+ people in a fairly small space for extended periods of time) and they seemingly just don’t give a fuck at all who they infect. If people in medical settings aren’t even being cautious anymore…I give up on public spaces.

  12. 😪because that’s the word we use here, and it’s easier to participate in American political discourse if I refer to myself as a liberal.

  13. I’m confused. You’re calling yourself something you’re not because somehow that makes it easier to understand? That makes no sense to me.

  14. It’s really not that complicated, liberal doesn’t mean the same thing in America as it does everywhere else. It’s just the term for people on the left, and we only have one major leftist party, therefore by American standards I am a liberal. I’m far further left than most establishment democrats but in America I’m still a liberal

  15. I’m American and this is not my experience at all, unless I’m talking to my idiot family who think anyone who isn’t conservative is a liberal. Plenty of leftists here refer to themselves as such. Hell, I think I’m probably considered post-left at this point. But maybe that’s where I’m confused, are you talking more in terms of how you vote? Because that would make much more sense.

  16. I’ve played enough Far Cry 5 to stay away from datura (they use devils trumpet to turn people into basically zombies) and the like. And in seriousness I have heard it’s not to be messed with. I was just curious if this was something people (more adventurous than I) would actually use or if it’s more of a novelty to cultivate.

  17. It’s lovely as a topical oil for pain relief, among many other uses. People just go way too hard with it, that’s where all the crazy stories come from.

  18. Genuinely want to know what part of what I said made you ask this.

  19. you seem predetermined to tell people don't count on the cops,they're busy,tied up,non responsive,blah. If you really think our system is so broken or has 1st responders who don't respond,my logical choise was police work,some kind of law enforcement,or maybe just a burned out goverment worker. Your message is too strong not to be one of the above.

  20. hello, i’m so sorry about all the downvotes you’re getting. i just want to say i agree with every word you’re saying. psychiatry is an entire fucking joke and scam, it’s so sad how many people still fall for its deceitful tricks. a lot of people won’t believe us until they get to experience the abuse themselves.

  21. Agreed. It’s weird how fanatical people will get about defending it too. It’s cool that it helps some, but it harms so, so many. Psychiatrists are abusing people all over. I was prescribed so many drugs at a young age. By 16 I was on the highest doses of lexapro, seroquil, respridone, and 4mg Xanax a day. That’s not counting all the others they tried along the way. Lost years of my life to that shit. Now I’m an adult and while I do have depression and anxiety, I am not bipolar or psychotic and never was. I was just a depressed teenager who met with a psych for no more than 10 minutes every few months. Wish I could find my old doctors and ask them wtf they were thinking.

  22. There are different types. Some have colors, some are all white.

  23. ah, thank you. i do know there is so many types of datura, i just find it interesting how there is different colors based on the strain.

  24. Yes they are so interesting, especially the double and triple flower ones!

  25. Of course! They have cerebellar hypoplasia. Cerebellar hypoplasia is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. The cerebellum is the portion of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. The condition is not painful or contagious.

  26. And from my understanding, it’s usually caused by their mother being sick/have a virus or parasite when pregnant. A stray had kittens in my shed and one of them has this, the smallest of the litter, though very minor compared to most cases. She’s a very happy little girl, just looks drunk most of the time and have terrible balance. The others surely have it too but you don’t see the wobbles, they just jerk their heads kinda funny sometimes.

  27. That stuff should be illegal for professional singers

  28. You want to have laws…about autotune. Who the fuck are you 😂

  29. DXM is awesome for lots of things, including depression/anxiety, if you don’t overdo it. Wellbutrin is just meh, not the worst out there but generally not worth your time.

  30. That money does not go toward actually helping homeless people. It’s very naive for anyone to think so. Funding shelters is not helping. The housing they say they’re building is completely inadequate and there’s so much corruption in where the money goes, it’s functionally doing nothing to actually help the problem. Just liberal bullshit.

  31. And conservative bullshit is buying them bus tickets to a different city to make it someone else’s problem

  32. Absolutely. But they have their different methods. Conservatives are at least fairly honest about how much they hate poor people. The liberals are just as bad but like to talk and act like they care.

  33. I think you have a misunderstanding of how drugs and/or plant medicines work…since when is weed like acid? Or mescaline, for that matter.

  34. I suspect it’s people who only do drugs that are ~all natural~ because as we all know if something is from the ground it’s good for you, just like tobacco and opium

  35. Lol cry harder. We all know damn well you don’t get all twisted up like this about shit that’s actually happening right now, like people dying in and because of the US every day.

  36. One side are fascists stripping you of your human rights and attempting to overthrow democracy to institute a white nationalist totalitarian christian dictatorship.

  37. If by “the other side” you mean liberals…they’re almost just as bad. They uphold all the same shit while lying about it. At least the outright fascists are honest about who they are. Fuck em both.

  38. Wait hold up.. that second one is just sad. Only a republican because you don't have time to do the things you wish you could? These people just don't see that they don't have time because their job is exploiting them

  39. Right, it’s allllmost there. So close to getting the point while running in the other direction…

  40. My Aunt had them in her pasture. Asked at the college what it was. They sent a crew to remove 1 plant. Very,very poisonous. To animals also.

  41. That’s a crazy overreaction to one datura plant. They’re perfectly safe to handle, unless you’re allergic. Great in topical oils for pain.

  42. It’s parodying findom stuff (financial domination- a type of humiliation kink.)

  43. That I got, but I wasn't sure if was also a pop culture reference.

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