1. Look up a video on replacing a food chopper in a whirlpool dishwasher and do that while cleaning the sump out with a shop vac as you do it.

  2. You also have SKAHL (Snoking amateur hockey league) they also have a pond ice (smaller rink, 3v3) league.

  3. I have a pair of cat Pro. Sadly I regret it. I feel they are miss sold, they tell you they tailor them. What they actually mean is they take a scan of your foot find a standard boot size that is close and then add/remove padding to get it to fit your boot. After I got my fitting, this is what I have done to my boots to get them to actually fit (and they still don’t fit correctly)

  4. The SVH Pro are the ones that are actually custom unfortunately

  5. Hence why I used the world tailored and not custom. This is the wording the true uses. It’s not confusing, it’s misleading. Here is the verbiage from their website:

  6. My LHS had quite a selection of them. I was blown away by how light it was. That Boron fiber really is something else. Hell if you can afford it do it, even if it’s beyond peoples skill levels. I do know that if it breaks, you have to contact Bauer directly to get a replacement so they can track its durability.

  7. This is basically Fartlek training. It’s the best type of training for endurance and speed you can do.

  8. It had the digital Speedo that would “reset” (go back to 0) if you got it above 150mph

  9. They never sold this model in the UK, actually.

  10. Understand that, my comment wasn’t about the model more the name difference between Opel and vauxhall “actually”.

  11. Be aware they are back ribs, very different to the plate ribs (aka Dino ribs/ short ribs) Back is cut from the upper portion, plate from the lower portion. They have little meat on them compared to plate ribs, and the meat is between the bones instead of predominantly on top. All that being said, smoke ‘em and enjoy em.

  12. Yes. And depending on your location, this is another option.

  13. Panic and shoot straight into the goalie’s bread basket.

  14. FWIW, A Louisiana Grills rep told me that the Kirkland pellets were Louisiana Grills pellets.

  15. It’s more a question of do you have the storage space for said 7pucks?

  16. There are about 27+ rinks in Long Island. Looking at a few of their websites, they all offer stick and puck or puck shooting sessions. Some offer online registration, others they post their schedule and you turn up and pay. If the websites are confusing to navigate, I suggest giving them a ring.

  17. I started when I was 37, three years later, I think it’s still possible!

  18. That’s an amazing collection. 15,16,18,19 are unbelievably rare amongst an already rare collection.

  19. Do nothing until you are in your 30’s, then start playing beer league. Once in a team, play like the scouts are watching, they will soon be calling.

  20. I have a team mate (68) just had both hips done and is back on the ice. He is far better because of it.

  21. Nope, if your looking for high heat definitely not.

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