1. I know all the celebs following Kanye to see if he will name drop them 😂 oml

  2. I’m pretty sure he’ll say he has some deep dive reason but even if he thinks blm is a scam and maybe so is a lot of other things but this world is made around white lives for centuries even till today. They always mattered! Black and brown ppl not so much. In America and everywhere else!

  3. Yes he is - there's footage of Kendall walking into his home.

  4. As you say this, Kendall has a such a soft spot for Scott and that episode am using kourtney it was very evident.

  5. I ain’t reading all that can a kind soul summarize it? LOL😂😩

  6. Lmao tell me y I said this exactly in my head after finished slide through 😂

  7. This not how you handle mental illness!!! Your a 40 something year old grown man!!! Take accountability for your problems, go get the help you need, you have all the resources in the world & stop embarrassing yourself.

  8. Exactly! People have a problem with accountability because their ego is to big and they Cnt fight it. They rather blame everyone else.

  9. I hate when celebs talk in codes, just say wtf you have to say or don’t say nothing because now saying Bernard killed your friend he’s opening a can of worms now and ppl will be questioning. I bet he gonna come back and say he’s sorry and that it’s not true and wrote it out of anger. As he usually do.

  10. Why he think he calls the shots here lol he needs to have a seat. When his kids get into the real world his tone gonna change again.

  11. Lmao the fact he even do that is what’s getting to me and they thought they were gonna last. He let Kim finesse him lol

  12. Judging by the fact that she has dark hair here this was filmed a loooooooong time ago

  13. Okay this is such an odd thing to say but I feel like Kim's booty would look a lot better if her bottoms had some buttcrack definition lol her pants and dresses are always flat across her butt which makes it look extra bulbous. Maybe it's because she wears shapewear under everything? Idk lol

  14. Wait you know I’ve never noticed that 😂 now I Cnt unsee it. But that would def make it look more natural. And that’s why ppl say she have a diaper but lol there’s not crack 😂😭

  15. I feel like Kanye thinks the heavens will open up one day and God gonna come down and shake his hand and say well done.

  16. I listened to the NSBNF podcast (because it was like the only one that had an episode about Stassie) and it honestly seemed like Stassie was annoyed about Kylie and only really talks to the other people in that circle and not Kylie as much lol

  17. Lol I guess that little clip of him walking to his seat gave him a boost to do this? 😂

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