1. I know Charlotte did and it was basically unprecedented at the time, but I don't think they would take the RR win for the men and use it on a midcard title or the NXT men's title (not trying to diminish Charlotte's booking or either NXT main title).

  2. Only situation that could work where a RR winner challenges for a midcard title would be if Sheamus won. Him challenging Gunther for the IC title at WM could be an interesting angle. Still dumb but possible.

  3. Not sure if you smelled it, but it's actually a pretty good scent. Doesn't have a strong alcohol scent, more of a woody/sweet smell

  4. Just traded Hill for Kelce this week. Didn't realize the points were so close

  5. Do you have any suggestions on where in SC to look? I’m in Raleigh and want to try and have a targeted list of places to try before driving that far.

  6. Stateline Elite, Southern Spirits and Frugal Macdoogal are all right next to each other and have huge selections. Special shout-out to Frugal for good store picks as well.

  7. If you go to Frugal make sure you sign up for their loyalty f program a few days before or they won’t sell you some of the good stuff.

  8. Really? I didn't realize that. My friend and I weren't members when we went and got plenty of stuff. Gold spot and Willett 8 year wheated

  9. 12 tm, 0.5 ppr 3WR & Superflex

  10. I'm not super familiar with superflex strategy, but the Kyler for Kirk upgrade is significant. I would choose Colt over Murray for Kyler insurance.

  11. You don't think it'd leave me thin at RB?

  12. Slightly, but you have two top flight options and Murray may be a piece that can push you over the edge in Championship contention

  13. Wish I would've taken King Henry over Taylor 1.01

  14. I took him 1.02 and feel so lucky I didn't get that top pick

  15. 14 team PPR, 7-3 record. 1RB, 2WR, 2 flex league

  16. I have Burrow so need to cover my bye but it's also nice to have a backup.

  17. Jimmy is a really safe floor player with a ton of options on the offense. He's not going to win you any weeks with 30+, but he's not going to lose you any weeks with <10 either. He's got a great schedule and consistently puts up right around 16 points.

  18. Would you rather play Jimmy or Brady next week? Brady's got Seattle, who ends up giving a ton of pts to TE's.

  19. I'm playing Jimmy over Brady this week

  20. Charles was my first pick back in 2013. Won me the championship

  21. I have both and couldn’t be happier. Just gotta toot the ole horn and mention that I also have Hopkins, AJ Brown, and Waddell

  22. In a 14 man I've ended up with Henry, ETN, Hill, Lamb, Hopkins and Rhamondre. Drafted Henry second overall and then got lucky with Lamb and Hill late 2nd - early 3rd.

  23. For me it is Evan Williams BiB, Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey 101. Probably in that order.

  24. And then you have the threat overhead of the Elders sending in the one who owns the house the table is in…..

  25. Rikishi gonna make some heads roll

  26. Agree. Wonder if I could maybe get like $85 for it? Surely someone would want it for the cool picture

  27. I'll give you 80 even but you have to cover shipping. You're lucky I like you, I'm losing money on this deal

  28. Upstate SC. Seen it a couple times in this area already finally pulled the trigger on it today

  29. I grabbed mine in upstate SC as well. Seems they got a large allocation of Gold Spot

  30. May be a bit of a heavy pour for a one year old, but start em young I say!

  31. Saw this at my local liquor store and almost pulled the trigger. Maybe I’ll go get a pour first to try it out

  32. Would definitely recommend getting a pour first, even though the pour will be as expensive as some bottles probably. I actually tried it 2-3 times before I bought my bottle.

  33. Do they enjoy scotch as well? I'm generally a bourbon drinker, but I really enjoy the Glenmorangie Signet. Very unique scotch and right around your price range.

  34. I fully expect some awful NFC fringe wildcard team to win the "Big Game" this year

  35. Good God that's the NY Giants music!

  36. Going to be fun choosing the right ones to start out of Swift/ETN/Walker/Rhamondre going forward

  37. I'm having a similar "too much depth" problem if there is such a thing. Trying to package some guys for a top tier guy

  38. True, it just makes the week to week decision harder. Seeing Hopkins and Etienne go off on my bench this week was tough.

  39. Actually looked today and my loan balance was reinstated. You would think account activity like that would warrant an email or something, but no.

  40. Any tasting notes on this one? I grabbed a couple bottles recently, but I've been waiting for a friend of mine to visit to open one.

  41. Chucky is going over tonight brother

  42. The Makers Limited Releases are among my favorite bourbons, and I wanted to compare the four releases from the last two years. My favorite part about these releases is how playful they are. They experiment. They explore. They revel in the art of interesting and unique bourbon making.

  43. Great to see notes on these all together! I loved FAE-01 & 02 last year and I'm looking forward to finding both BRTs.

  44. I saw this at frugal recently but opted for the Willett 8 year wheated instead. Hope you enjoy it!

  45. Were you at the SC location? I must have missed the Willett 8 yr, when did you go? It’s hard to time that store when they put things out

  46. That's the one! I want to say 10:30AM on a Saturday. They put out all the Willett, KC18, Yellowstone 2022 and Old Elk then. Also had gold spot sitting on the shelf.

  47. Is it crazy to hold Eli Mitchell? CMC is a huge injury risk and I feel like Mitchell could even have some potential flex appeal anyway

  48. I mean why not just keep him in your IR? No harm

  49. I mean once he comes off IR in a few weeks. If nothing else he becomes one of the top handcuffs in the league right?

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