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  1. Why do Australians hate Halloween? Or is this a hot take?

  2. They just hate it because it's American. At least in my experience Australians tend to be some of the most anti-American group of people I've ever met. Totally anecdotal I know.

  3. What! That seems like a hot take. Aussies seem to like Americans more than any other country besides Canada

  4. It's totally anecdotal on my part but I met a surprising number of Australians when I visited Europe and they were all pretty vocally anti-American. Like I'd expect them to dislike American politics but they hated pretty much everything American ranging from accents to movies.

  5. Aim assist isn't really a thing that helps in most games. Pc always has precision advantage. In this game its even more apparent since aiming on consoles is still weird and janky and with how precise you have to be in this game.

  6. Aim assist definitely does help in most games just generally M&KB is better, with some exceptions. Like Apex for example has rotational aim assist which isn't really useful in mid to long range fights but at close range can give a massive advantage to controller players when using SMGs and shotguns especially.

  7. I think there are several old RPGs where if you build your character wrong, you can't even get past the beginning of the game.

  8. I know it's not good game design per se but I actually really like when the difference between a good build and a bad one is really big. It actually makes having a good build feel way more rewarding than just having whatever work out, that was one of my biggest problems with Fallout 4 for example.

  9. I feel like the ideal way to do this is to create a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling.

  10. I mean that's just generally good game design lol. What I'm talking about are games that are so hard where even a good build will present you with situations where you're not sure you can even get through it let alone a bad build. Underrail is my favorite example because there is such a wide array of builds that finding one that works is super fun and you still have a challenge.

  11. Honestly they should just add the Tenosian Invasion stuff into the TO rotation and add FFA to the menu. If FFA dies one day then the games done for me.

  12. TBH as much as I like seasons 3&4 the first 2 seasons just ruin any chance if me wanting to rewatch that show at all.

  13. The love triangle alone drags those seasons down by at least a point or 2 for me. I've rewatched Korra twice and they are easily the most grating scenes to watch in the whole series.

  14. Is it even a love triangle? Korra never really shows any interest in Bo-Lin, despite him being way more interesting than Mako.

  15. ??? The love triangle is between Korra, Mako, and Asami. Bolin just kinda does his own thing for the most part tbh.

  16. /UJ I am not sure how spicy a idea this is, but the base game of half life dose not hold up. Combat often feels flat and it's poorly paced in places. (Boat ride for example.) The Episodes hold up much better.

  17. I kinda agree but at the same time I still had way more fun playing HL2 than most other FPS games recently.

  18. Mfw a $2000 dollar pc runs a game better than a $300 console

  19. I get the feeling that a lot of the developers of Christian kids programming are out of touch with how kids really are. Too much Jesus and not enough values/life lessons teaching

  20. Most children's TV is like that, especially low budget stuff geared towards really young kids. You also have to think about the type of person that would go out of their way to make this type of programming in general. I would bet that they care way more about the Jesus part and are way less concerned with actually making a good show.

  21. TBH nostalgia is probably the biggest reason why but there were some decent jokes and songs so it wasn't terrible. Compared to other Christian programming however it's basically the best show ever made.

  22. Yeah, but doesn’t Taco Bell advertise that way?

  23. Like 99% of Taco Bell ads are geared towards selling cheap meal deals to stoners.

  24. I foresee many Generation Kill memes in the future of this sub.

  25. 1st is a lot more fun for me but 3rd gives you a pretty big advantage in most situations.

  26. well if you play fp and you think that's the way you're supposed to play (some people don't trust their devs to decide what's included in the game) and then tp players are better than you than you'd call it cheating

  27. IIRC chivalry wasn't designed with 3rd person in mind they added it all the way back in chiv 1 because it was a default feature in Unreal engine. The original mod, Age of Chivalry, was 1st person only. Even if you really love 3rd person you do have to admit it's been terrible for balance in Chiv 1 and 2.

  28. Lmao we really take for granted how much of what we consider to be "basic knowledge" is completely foreign to people. Like I remember trying to play Minecraft with an ex of mine and she just could not wrap her head around crafting no matter how hard we tried. I can't even imagine showing her New Vegas because I'm pretty sure her head would explode.

  29. Yeah I've been really enjoying the rise of more complex CRPG turn based games especially. Underrail has probably been my favorite one recently because of how many different builds you can have and how rewarding it is to make a good character. It's also incredibly hard which actually forces you to think creatively to overcome challenges in the game. For example I was inside a hostile base and didn't have the sneak or lockpicking required to get through an area so I put down some TNT on a timer and sneaked past the guards while they were distracted by the explosion.

  30. Really like Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children. It's a Korean X-com clone. But if you're just looking for console games I'd suggest Gears Tactics or Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. There's a sequel to Mario + Rabbids coming out later this year.

  31. Is the gameplay worth pushing through the story for Troubleshooter? I tried it a while back and bounced off of it after like 2 hours because I just couldn't get past the "anime" story stuff.

  32. That's technically true but British people will get extremely upset if they see the American spelling of a word.

  33. I mean the Japanese were way worse in their treatment of POWs and war dead than the Americans were, like it's not even really close.

  34. This meal is actually pretty good but holy fuck this is probably the ugliest version of it I've ever seen.

  35. Also if you like Harley Quinn watch the Venture Bros, it's even better.

  36. This is just one specific old person that OP knows.

  37. Nah this shits incredibly common on the white trash side of my family.

  38. It sets the zombie spawns to insane and makes loot a lot rarer as well IIRC.

  39. See planes on an aircraft carrier not planes? They’re launched by catapult to get up to speed, but power themselves once in flight, like the Wright flier.

  40. Their first flight didn't even use the "catapult" so it wouldn't even matter anyway.

  41. tbh i don’t even know how he’s doing that and i’m on pc. dpi switch doesn’t do much either

  42. They probably just have a big mousepad and are dragging their mouse across it really fast. Also playing in third person give you a massive advantage because you can see exactly what your character is doing and where the enemies are at all times which gives you better control over your characters movement.

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