1. Is there a prize or something people are trying to win by continuously posting this SAME thing? Like 50 millionth 'Darcey had bad plastic surgery' post wins a new car?

  2. There is, actually... But also, I hadn't hopped on and really skimmed thru Reddit in a few weeks so 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk what everyone else is posting

  3. I read this in Darcey's voice " cut a steak on the bias....lol! Beauty went downhill!

  4. Omg that scene will forever haunt me when it comes to eating steak 🤮 "I used to work at a restaurant... The juices... Bias" ick to the max!

  5. Holy MO FO! How did I miss this nugget of WTF??? Ok I think she’s the sweetest but c’mon sugar… We don’t talk about Hooha no no no. 🎶 We don’t talk about Hooha 🎶

  6. She said it SO MANY times that season I wanted to hop thru the screen and just shush the shit out of her! Lol I'm like, girl please just fix the issue and never speak of this again! Tell your therapist, damn!

  7. And lol I just posted something similar. I'm watching the first season and can't believe the difference in them🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. This is better than the whole season 2 of the Kardashians

  9. Pls 😂😂 she looks like she’s about to burst into laughter. This is so good

  10. This is fucked up. Maybe shut up if you meet them and may collaborate. Now they know you’re on Tik Tok running your mouth. I’m embarrassed for this person.

  11. Right!? Exactly my thoughts. Like why do people do this instead of getting an 'ok' or green light first 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. That’s friggin hysterical. Thought it was jabba the hut at first.

  13. THAT... Is actually a better idea 🤔 🤣 lemme go make another terrible creation lol

  14. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought this. Specifically referring to the way she (has been) acting and acted at the tell all. Maybe pain killers? That's why she has this sense of superiority 🙄

  15. Fkng moo cow... She's so nauseating! I feel so sorry for production crew and anyone that has to film that 🤢 she must really think she's something ordering her friend around to "go get the car" TF!? 😅✋🏼

  16. I'm sorry, please no one come for me... But what happened in the delivery room that I'm not getting? Is it because he didn't warn her before examining or did he actually purposely violate her? OR was it the Dr being a douche and hearing all her concerns pre exam and thinking like, "this b**ch doesn't know what she's talking about and I'm gonna show her/put her in her place" type thing aka go in for exam without warning? Cuz I'm kinda getting the latter and she took it as he "violated" her but in this regard, (of course it is also still a violation) maybe not one she could explain... Idk, I'm confused if it's none of these :/

  17. I think they induced her but her cervix wasnt opening. She was already exhausted cause she had hallucination all night from the meds and couldnt sleep. So she said that they might have to try something else (he didnt care or listened) the doc then got impatient that nothing is happening, didnt explain anything or asked how she was and said he will examine her. What he did tho was he broke her water. You can do that with a sort of hook. But you need to obviously ask consent (like with everything at birth unless its a emergency and you really dont have time). This can hurt but it would def. if you dont know he will do it. So basically he did that to induce labor. She needed a c section in the end and felt like shit. Giving birth is a hard enough and a very vulnerbale time and he didnt care for her at all.

  18. Thank you for putting this in more of a layman's terms. You explained this beautifully 👏🏼I can definitely understand this more clearly now.

  19. The writers literally just wrote her like June fkng Osborne from Handmaid's Tale this season. I mean, I literally think they took notes from that show because it was the same b.s., no regard for others lives, so long as it helped her and that of her child. Bitch didn't give 2 shits about anyone else's kids or how they were going to get on without their mother/father. And I'm sorry, but the whole, Arman risking his life each time Thony cries with another, "I'm sorry, it's cuz Luca..." is so not believable any longer. Nadia is right. Arman did what he had to do to help her with him in getting the transplant and that should've been more than enough. He never even got close to the kid. In season 1 at least he got to know him a bit and because he had taken a liking to Thony he was willing to do anything for them. But it seemed this season he'd realized who Thony really was and began to pull away...so this bad guy who is still willing to murder when necessary and get ppl who are causing trouble out of his way and slang street pills to come up but still has such a big heart for Luca, I'm not buying it 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I'm sure I'm not the only one. That said....

  20. Is the way they portray the undocumented status in the show accurate to how people who are undocumented in real life live? Like can’t seek medical help, etc?

  21. Yes! A friend of my husband recently drunkenly drove home and hit someone and didn't realize (that's how drunk he was). In the process, the person who was hit flew off their bike and his phone went flying into the bed of the truck of the drunk driver who continued on his way home. The one who was hit staggered back home as his bike was now unusable. Later, like a day, the parents of the victim came by drunk drivers house because they pinned the phone to that location and upon arriving noticed damage to the truck. They only asked for the phone back, stating that they wouldn't be pressing charges as they are undocumented and couldn't get their son medical treatment and didn't want problems with authorities 💔 still makes me furious. Also, it is the umpteenth time he's had a behind the wheel UTI incident 🤬

  22. Well, you're disgusting... It's 2022 and I'm still having to see a comment like this, I don't get it 🙄

  23. Yes, it's getting old and tired already. And it's always life or death, never like a hiccup that she's gotta figure out. And holy 💩 that turn around time to manila and back was rather quick, no? I thought it took nearly 20 hrs to get there! Idk...I understand fiction, but c'mon, we're not watching a cartoon here for God sakes

  24. Yea I said this too! Like wtf it take at least 3-4 days to complete that mission how can they save Luca in time

  25. Idk if the writers sat and watched Handmaid's Tale prior to writing the second season but it feels like they're obsessed. Because Thonys character is just like June, doing everything and the impossible for HER child (as any mother should do but not ruining and risking others lives in the process) and thinking her childs life is more important than anyone else in the world (also as a mother should) but dude, you're in a hospital with a thousand other ppl dying and who are also in need of immediate attn. Why are you more important than any of them? Luca needs to be sacrificed, sorry. And fuck Thony already. I'm not even done with the finale but fuck her.

  26. What? You already saw it? It's barely midnight here so I'm watching now. Did they say least wrap it up good?

  27. Catch him in Chippendales he's almost as enjoyable, only American still eccentric tho

  28. Wow. I can usually connect actors across roles easily, but he looked and presented so differently, I had to use IMDB to double check. I never would have put it together.

  29. Yeah, it took me a min...I was like, he looks familiar... But ain't no way it's the same guy and well 👀

  30. I agree about Elizabeth Moss. Once she got more involved , the writing shifted in her favor. Her directing is not so good either. I’ve seen clips of the close ups she loves doing of her face.

  31. Omg those close ups will forever be the bane of my existence!!! So glad there weren't as many this last season. Jesus, someone take the camera! Idk if she thinks it's "intense" because it was...4yrs ago the first TWO times. Now it's just upsetting to see the camera anywhere near her face. Sorry, not sorry.

  32. So you and your mom and best friend would plot behind his back speaking in a language he can’t understand? You sound like a great partner as well.

  33. First of all, they're speaking their native tongue, technically in their own home. NO ONE asked Jovi to come so the fact that he's demanding they speak English and include him is another infantile display by Jovi.

  34. Technically these three are in a restaurant in Germany. They are not speaking German. Asking your spouse to repeat something in your native tongue when you hear them say your name 100x is not infantile.

  35. You clearly didn't see other parts of the episode where he was making fun of her, along with his friend both-this episode and last and even then, has asked her to speak English. The dude is a douchebag racist IMO

  36. I think if you’re trying to paint any of the characters in black and white then you’re missing the point. Toby is neither a hero nor a villain and the same goes for Rachel. People are people. We are all deeply flawed.

  37. I am desperately hoping you took that "people are people" line from Muppets Take Manhattan because I read it in the chef's voice (not swedish chef) and my mother and I have been quoting this for the last 30 odd years 😅 So please, tell me that line was intentional 🙏🏼 lol

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