1. I’ve bought a complete upper (blem) and a complete lower (blem) and still can’t find anything wrong with them.

  2. They are very local to me and fantastic. Idk what you have been smoking but POA kept us in stock all through the ammo troubles with nothing but class, hard work and superb ammunition.

  3. All the other safety rules are for this reason. He had an ND, big deal. Knowing where you muzzle is at all times, not pointing it in anyone’s direction is because things do happen. Perfect learning moment for everyone. Nice work I say.

  4. Free registration within the 120 day period. Scare tactic to get everyone to register their sbr status or turn it over to the atf.

  5. So they know exactly where to look when they decide nahhh now it’s an illegal device, next step. Just like the braces themselves. “You said they were ok to use for 15 years…….but mow it’s not. Gotcha kiddo.

  6. You don’t want to defend your aorta or pulmonary vein? Maybe protect your descending aorta.? Little hint, those giant pipes leading too and from the pump are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to live more than 2 seconds. Or ignore then, not my body not my choice. 🫡

  7. Pants, shirt, ammo, knife/ multi tool, food, and some baby wipes and med. honestly you don’t need that much. Stay light, hydrated and fast.

  8. Useless as titts on your dad. No Paramedic is going to take that into consideration. It’s already been tossed out three times from NTCC, CCRC etc. Someone engineer with a lab coat keeps trying to put them back in but it’s irrelevant.

  9. Don’t over kit, your doing good. Weapon, mags, ammo, cleaning supplies, water, food and med. anything beyond that is a bonus. You look local and blend like you belong. Anyone wearing big kit and backpacks gonna get schwacked from way far out without words.

  10. Get a friend overseas and have him mail all your stuff, parts, accessories etc. don’t trust the commercial market or major package carriers. I know plenty of AUS that have gotten a penpal in NZ and had stuff shipped.

  11. Good luck with that dream. I’m all for UKR but this is a temporary problem and RUS isn’t going anywhere.

  12. Good for McDonald’s. I’m tired of my food being wrong and waiting until some meth head can tweak out my order. Yes their are good locations but honestly these kids don’t want to work. So just make sure they go further down the democrats drain hole. They want to destroy the family, make everything automatic, erase common sense and god from the world. Good let it happen and then these kids can wonder wtf happened and what Dems are responsible.

  13. One day you may be able to afford one. I see your still butthurt over not listening to anyone on your post. 52 people telling you your an idiot but you don’t listen. Carry on kid.

  14. It’s a bundle scam. Honestly a bunch more companies are making much better products for way less. Eotech is surviving on the memory of 20yo mil contracts and the wannabes that play video games.

  15. No dipshit, can’t you read stupid? Your asking for a cycling problem eval and we are watching your elbow. What part is the written word or sight can you not understand🤷‍♂️

  16. We’ll try listening to ALL the people trying to help you and not arguing. This is what probably most of the people in your orbit are experiencing. Talk less and listen more.

  17. Why risk it. Just make a slider and blow it. I’d say I put it there to take out the follow on tech you better bet I’m building and anti lift device underneath. You’ll run out of tech’s before I run out of tricks. Dude think like a professional not a hero.

  18. Everyone can act a fool until you hand them their teeth. Suddenly they care about their words. True story.

  19. Holy 1993 Batman. Man this takes me back to the days. Blessed are all who rode the fold downs and aren’t here to join us. You are missed every day 🇺🇸🤘 Rock N Roll

  20. Just woodland or ODG. Anything other than Lowcountry your going to blend in fine. Don’t overthink it too much.

  21. Ditch all the airways except a medium one. Ditch the needle decompression, unless your trained and have done a few dozen you will end up killing your patient. Add a Celox injector, trust me this will save lives. Ditch the pen, look at your watch and just remember the time of application.

  22. Look the Germans grew some balls for once. Sad what has happened to them. Total cucks

  23. That’s one strange cuck fetish but whatever floats the closet.

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