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girl gets stuck in a washer doing a dare

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  1. The amount of virtue signaling in this comment section is unbelievable, thats how you know most of reddit has never dated a single person in their lives

  2. Yes because if you genuinely give a shit about how many people your partner slept with BEFORE dating you, you need to grow up. Like honestly if you really care, why are you so insecure?

  3. Im not saying you should always judge someone for the encounters they have had in the past, its perfectly normal to expect someone to have met others before you, but what doesnt sit right in this case is the number being in the triple digits, thats just way too high to ignore, there certainly are a lot of people that would see it as a dealbreaker, and OP was one of these people.

  4. Why does the number bother you enough to leave that person though? Some people spend hours on end playing sports or video games, or any other thing that brings them joy. Sex isn’t harmful inherently. And addictions come in many forms. Sex addiction is a thing and that person may experience this. Wouldn’t it be better for all parties involved to help or support this person, rather than just being insecure about it and leaving them? You being able to educate yourself and gain confidence and your partner being able to trust you and have a sense of support.

  5. Cody's Lab is AMAZING! I wish me and my family could live in such a way

  6. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has FOMO but of what Cody is experiencing! That goofy guy got me into so many niche things like beekeeping and pouring aluminum onto mushrooms haha. Hopefully one day we can all experience the freedom similar to chickenhole.

  7. We just received an email from our bank, stating our mortgage has been approved. It may not be a "ranch" per se, nor am I aware of any mining operations nearby but I am certain the old farm we're buying will give us plenty of opportunities for experimentation and silliness :)

  8. !!! Congratulations! That’s so exciting and I’m sure you’ll be able to find that magic, we’ve been able to in our tiny one bedroom place with some finesse and old school guessing

  9. Remember on stream when we watched even stevens and Disney let Retard slide? (Malcom in the middle also says retard once or twice). It’s almost as if society’s view (not only wubby’s personal view) on fucked up humor continues to change. Doesn’t make it funny or cute but it’s not like this is from Sunday. What a fucking L take OP.

  10. Could the rashes possibly be because the two areas are different kinds of skin? Genuinely not being snarky -- I just know that my underarms are easily the most sensitive skin on my body, and have gotten rashes so bad from natural deodorant that they literally turned into open wounds. Meanwhile I can put any of those deodorants on my sensitive bits, because I used to chafe and would always apply my deodorant to both areas and only have issues in the underarms.

  11. And you used it for a year -- did it take that long before your body started reacting negatively to it?

  12. It took around 6 months of continuous use for me to see the smell reaction (where my body almost became dependent on having lume slathered on it before it started to smell of tangerine scented BO) and then a few months later I noticed that my pits were itchy. At first I chalked it up to being a really bad rosacea outbreak but my dermatologist concluded it was a reaction to the lume. My mom used it for a lot longer than I have and eventually had to stop, and I think my dad may still might without issue (or hes Italian and stubborn and will use it until it’s gone)

  13. Baby birds have a little poop sack so that the nest isn’t covered in poop! It’s a really cool adaptation that I think almost every bird has.

  14. I honestly would love to be able to go inside the house. Mouse holes in floorboards. Navigating inside walls. Because what was just as good for kids as Honey I Shrunk the Kids? The Borrowers!

  15. The secret life of Arietty brought the borrowers to life with ghibli magic and it’s such a comfort movie because I LOVED the books.

  16. clearly am imp, i don’t get the debate, i had imps in my walls for a couple years, i started carrying my revolver around to shoot into the wall when i heard them scuffle around. sly bastards always managed to get away. problem went away when i tore enough of my walls down so that they didn’t have hiding places. they left mics around tho that i’m still currently tracking down

  17. I would make sure there isn’t one inside of your revolver… As embarrassing as it is, it happened to me and the only way to coax it out was to accept its quest and feed it the rest of my prescriptions

  18. wouldn’t work, dumped my prescriptions long ago, made it harder to hear/sense the wall imps and wall gnomes

  19. That’s exactly what the imp told me, said I’d have an easier time without em and that he needed them to see me.

  20. YTA. I have two cats. Shit happens, literally. By spraying offensive chemicals and sprays directly after the cat poops/at the litter box you are most likely teaching the cat that pooping is not welcome in the litter box and the cat may start pooping elsewhere.

  21. YTA. You refused to let your sister and your niece out of your car, and you’re now blaming your sister and her child for the mess you created.

  22. Yall can be mad but wubby fuckin uses it endlessly. If you don't like it stop supporting the channel and watch someone else. The comments in here are getting more down and up votes than the OG comment thread.

  23. What do you mean good? You just said that we shouldn’t be mad (or rather we can be all we want) because “Wubby uses it endlessly” insinuating that A). It’s trivial to be mad at someone for being just pointlessly racist and B). It’s trivial to be upset because Wubby condones this/participates in the use of the sound clip/this level of racism.

  24. I’m not upset but he’s kinda right lol, like tonight could’ve been an episode of some show, maybe some game, but nah, couch and occasional booty for 3 hours

  25. ….Are we all missing where Wubby legit told us that this was the content we asked for so we’re getting it? We KNEW this stream was coming. We were told that it would be JUST THE COUCH. I would have absolutely preferred content. But ya know what I did? I put it on my phone instead of my TV, played stardew, and listened to last podcast on the left. Laughed at how many viewers a couch had. It’s not that deep.

  26. These days I absolutely hate going to zoos. My wife is a biologist and loves going to them. She's explained to me the conservation efforts that are frequently critical to a species' survival and that the rest of the animals are what pays for that. I get that, but few things make me sadder than going to a zoo.

  27. I once went to a farm animal sanctuary on a tiny island, where the entire island would send their fresh produce compost to the farm to feed the animals (along with the regular feed) and all of the animals are special needs or rescued from abuse.

  28. I’m from England so there is obviously some degree of a divide, but I still don’t understand how anyone can’t swim. Race is aside from my POV as we had school led swimming lessons and my class had kids from a lot of different backgrounds. I mean, top work saving a baby from drowning whilst not being able to swim, but this sort of proves what I’m trying to get at that swimming is literally a survival mechanism! Am I being ignorant to the failings of the U.S or no? I just don’t get it.

  29. Yeah unfortunately I would say you’re being ignorant to the fails of the US. Seemingly only “nice” or richer schools have swimming pools and require the students to learn to swim, otherwise many kids just don’t since it’s up to the parents. Not to mention so many of our states are completely inland, someone who’s living in Ohio or Utah may just not feel the need to learn, while kids living in coastal areas/around lakes/rivers seem to be more prone to learning how to swim as a part of curriculum/daily life even.

  30. 2 months is by far enough time in between a death and a wedding. they were being petty.

  31. you expect everyone to put their lives on hold for exactly how long just because you are going through a loss? loss is difficult, but its a part of life, and life has to go on eventually.

  32. If it is impossible to spend a single weekend with your partner of 10 years, you should not be in a relationship with that person.

  33. Yeah I didn’t think OOP’s partner is being unreasonable at all, thank you for explaining it better than I did

  34. Wow, I'm blown away by the comments here about this - he literally spends 4 workdays with his GF, why is 2.5 days at his parents' such a problem for you people (and his GF)? Honestly puzzled by the vitriol.

  35. I know with both of our schedules (my fiancé who I live with) weekdays are basically kaput for plans/going out/having anyone over. I get what you’re saying, but I’d be pretty miffed if my fiancé stayed the weekend at his parents when there’s 5 other days he could stay there to get his time in, especially compromising so we could hang out for a full day and do stuff on weekends.

  36. Ugh I know… Imagine caring for animals and being affectionate with them. How disgusting /s

  37. This.. this has to be the fucking toilet sherbet punch lady. The guy sounds exactly like that voice, the way he’s letting them film and getting mad ONLY after she gets their shot.. one paramedic/cop? STAGED

  38. Lush’s packing peanuts are “edible” and it’s fun to freak people out by popping one or two in your mouth! These very well could be plant starch based.

  39. once again, very dramatic worst-case-scenarios. u could say the same for literally any regular activity but that doesn’t make it neglect, and taking away a kid from their family for that and placing them in the system is a lot worse than ‘30 mins in the costco parking lot’

  40. They’re most likely going to have the parents go through classes… It takes a LOT for CPS to remove a child. I think the one jumping to dramatics is you.

  41. lots of ppl in the replies advocating for removal and legal action🤕🤕maybe read

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