1. It’s terrible, looks like they’re showing you the same watch as before

  2. I was never a fan of this combo in the past. Now I think it’s the nicest combo for a datejust. Enjoy the watch!

  3. Just an fyi, your crown doesn’t look screwed down properly

  4. Why do you think that? I’m really new into this and I wan to to hear ur opinions guys

  5. Have a look at a picture and/or video of the watch it’s attempting to replicate and you should see all the ways this attempt has gone wrong. It should be quite obvious.

  6. Aesthetically they’re both great and with CF there are more model options. However, from my experience the movements in VS watches are far better than CFs.

  7. It’s really bad, best to pay a bit more and get a higher end rep.

  8. He also sent pictures, would a presidential band have a Steelinox stamp on it?

  9. Well steelinox means stainless steel and day dates are precious metal watches. So no it shouldn’t be stamped with that.

  10. Wow, some people have no shame… he’s trying to take 10k for a $100 watch.

  11. Thank God I went here because they’re selling it for $300 so thank you

  12. Yeah please don’t pay that for this watch, you can pay a bit more and get a really nice watch from a TD

  13. Write ‘datejust’ in the search bar, it’s really that simple.

  14. this is a Rolex date just reference number 116231 it matches my style really well and looks really good in the sun! I don’t know the factory i bought this from bought off a seller directly on whatsapp. (Had a relationship with seller that’s why i bought off them)

  15. Huh? Arent ARF bracelets already on the clean? 🤔 always thought so

  16. You’re right, they have arf bracelets on them already.

  17. I’m not being extreme as I’m not critiquing the gen for having the gap. I’m simply pointing out the fact that I’ve seen people complain about the same ‘flaw’ on reps. This post was more to reassure people that if their rep has this then it isn’t the end of the world.

  18. Yes and people nitpick slight gaps on reps and it’s commonly pointed out in a negative way (as though they’re going to get called out on it). That’s the only point I’m trying to make.

  19. It even has the rare ‘superlatme chronometer’, definite GL

  20. Thank you Brandon, do you see any issues?

  21. I don’t see any. The watch looks really great and I’m sure it’ll look even better in person. I have the blue dial with the v1 bezel and have ordered another blue dial with v2. The only reason I ordered the v2 is my OCD. The v1 as it is, is a beautiful watch (I get nothing but compliments). I’m sure you will be more than happy.

  22. Hi. Your comment made me lean towards a CF DJ. Would you say the CF DJ 41 V2 bezel is the closest to GEN, aside from VSF?

  23. It’s absolutely the best datejust right now. Funnily enough I was just out shopping and was walking past a Rolex store. A few stores in London seem to have some submariners, GMTs and 41mm datejust (for exhibition purposes only of course, not for sale 👎🏻). Firstly, the submariners look so damn identical to the reps I have. And in relation to the date just, I saw a blue dial 41mm, having the v1, it’s literally visually indistinguishable from the gen I saw on display today and the v2 looks even better than the v1. Now that should give you an idea of how confident you can be with these higher end reps. To be honest, whenever I see a gen Rolex it makes me appreciate how good these reps are for the price.

  24. I have the same bezel as yourself with the blue dial. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

  25. How does the movement feel when winding? Also, how’s the overall feel in terms of quality?

  26. It's my first rep, so no comparisons to other reps possible. But I owned like 100 other watches, mainly micro brands, watches from China and more. Everything affordable that offers the best value vat a certain price point is right down my alley. My Benchmark right now in the "gen" world is San Martin, there isn't a second brand that offers this level of finishing and tolerances at their price point. I'd say that this rep from BP is on the same level as the best San Martin watches. The tolerances are great, there is close to no Stretch in the bracelet, the endlinks fit super tight, the screws in the links were smooth, the screw down crown feels smooth and sturdy when unscrewed aswell. I opened the case back, the movement looks close to identical to the PT5000 used in San Martin watches for example. But the hand winding on the BP is smoother, with less resistance.

  27. Thanks for the detailed response! All of my other reps are slightly more expensive at around the 400-500 dollars and was interested in what sort of watch you get at the 300 dollar mark. From what you’re saying it seems as though you get a good amount of watch for the money

  28. This is one of the best examples I’ve seen so far, congrats

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