1. Pretty sure before that millions of native Americans were shot down. Sooooo....

  2. Pretty sure that Native Americans were massacring each other for 10,000 years before Europe arrived and began shooting them.

  3. Happens constantly the last few days. My tank role is high plat and I get bronze or Unranked and sometimes GM all in the same game...

  4. I mean. They have black eyebrows. Black beard... Only the hair is kinda dyed white-ish. I guess they forgot to dye the Strong kids.

  5. Wasn't a nazi that put Apolo on the moon? So Yank beat up a nazi to do their homework and give them a medal?

  6. Nah it got an update like two weeks ago lmao. I have to update mine

  7. Why? I understand why foreigners wouldn’t want to go to Qatar, but why wouldn’t locals go?

  8. I can’t believe they didn’t call him up. Who else in their squad scored 17 league goals last season?

  9. Serbians would write "poluvreme" as opposed to "poluvrijeme"

  10. That's also the difference between how a proper Bulgarian and Bulgarian from Plovdiv would write/say it.

  11. Because Dva gets out. She is the most buggy hero. You want Hammond at his current already causing bugs state to be even worse? 🤣🤣🤣

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