1. Are you shooting in a faster shutter speed or is that not necessary?

  2. You do. Motion blur from the shaking will show up and look weird in the stabilized footage. However it looks amazing when shot with a faster shutter speed.

  3. I literally got on blood pressure medicine last week and feel way better now. Mine also had gotten extremely high. I went in for a check up and it really freaked me out when I saw how high it was.

  4. The Halo TV series. Somehow didn't understand the Halo fans, the Halo games, or Sci-Fi fans. I don't think they understood anything.

  5. I was surprised when they had him take off his helmet so early on... like the first episode wasn't it? At first I was like wtf, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. It was a tv show and they wanted to humanize him some.. OK cool. But then it felt like he barely ever put the helmet back on and we spent most of the time with a sorta dopey John and very little with badass MC.

  6. Baptists have "foot functions". You move your feet and body in a rhythmic fashion to music but it is completely different from dancing. No where near the same. Not at all. Worlds apart.

  7. I'm kinda the opposite. For me The Expanse was at its best when it was focusing on the protomolecule and leaned heavy into Sci fi mystery. I wasn't a big fan of the last couple of seasons.

  8. Not directly but have seen it. Honestly, we've brought it upon ourselves over the years. There is quite a bit of nonsense thrown around that is not only unbiblical but extremely idiotic looking from a non Christian's point of view.

  9. Did some e-commerce videos for a large clothing company and they picked the talent who was pretty but terrible on camera. She had a sorta weird face she'd make when smiling but nothing too crazy.

  10. I have sort of a sore spot with thus game. I have wanted a KOTOR 3 for years and when this came out they were claiming that this was KOTOR 3.... and 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.. Basically saying that this was totally a game in the same vein and that KOTOR fans would love it and it would build upon itself for years to come.

  11. I'm not really understanding the issue here. The home area is fine. If I want to play a game I played recently then I select it from the recent list. If I want to play something else I press the menu button and find it in my library. If I want to see my desktop then I'll load it up from the menu.

  12. Generally DLP based projectors have virtually no crosstalk. Most use active glasses.

  13. Totally, the intro was awesome and then it goes into some mediocre platforming game. The bad level design, awful rewards, and lack of fast travel just made it not fun or immersive.

  14. I just want a proper KOTOR 3... I can't understand why this hasn't been made. A Star Wars Jedi RPG in the same vein as Mass Effect would sale like crazy.

  15. It completely negates our ability to love God. Love isn't a fuzzy feeling it is action that requires choice. Without that choice we cannot truly love God.

  16. Looks cool but man am I looking forward to the day when VR completely goes wireless. I know some people don't mind a wire coming off of their headset but it just irritates the hell out of me. I'm still rocking a Vive Pro with wireless adapter and hoping to see something new that can replace it for my pcvr stuff.

  17. Just legalize it already. This is insane. White bros can open a cannabis bar because of a legal loophole while POC sit in jail over drug charges. If you go to the art crawl have fun, but I personally can’t support any business like this.

  18. Dude, the cannabis industry is not just white bros, Inertia Root is headquartered in Nashville and is owned and supplied by POCs. You can't support a business that is trying to make a change that would benefit countless POC?

  19. We've enjoyed the show so far, but yeah.. the twerking scene was pretty cringe.

  20. girls having fun cringe starlord dancing while saving the galaxy man this is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Yeah, clearly I would never want to see girls having fun, God forbid. LOL

  22. This is a Artillery Genius printer. The little rod somehow got bent during a print and when I went to grab it out, it broke in half and the top part sucked up back into the hole.

  23. There is a YT video online, albeit German that shows taking that apart. It happened to me and I used 2mm carbon rod to repair it, though temporarily I used a cocktail stick cut to length. It partly depends on how broken the piece that holds the rod is. I hadn't realised at the time but they do supply a spare sensor rod with the spares - in my case I lost it before needing it!

  24. Thanks! Support is going to send me new rods. I'll see if I can hunt down that video to see how to take it apart.

  25. I had issues with popping and crackling when it was on windows sonic. Dolby is great though.

  26. I put off playing this on my PS5 so I could take advantage of quick resume. My play time can be sporadic and I didn't like the idea of having to start whole sections over just because I had something come up in the real world.

  27. Isn't that also on the ps5? I usually just leave the game and rest mode the ps5 and the game's there as it was when I return. Atleask ff7 remake was.

  28. Kinda.. you can go to rest mode and suspend a game. However, if you start another game or your console restarts then you lose it. Also, the PS5 rest mode suspend feature can be wonky and crash.

  29. I haven't read too much on GTA 6... is it that you can choose between two protagonists at the start of the game or that you play as both switching back and forth like GTA V?

  30. Mad Max Fury Road doesn't waste any time.

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