1. Such an awesome pic. Beautiful pup. My guy picks up little sticks all the time and looks like he has a stoagie.

  2. Had this bought as a gift for me. Cool looking bottle that I pulled the label off of and use as an infinity bottle. The juice is very underwhelming. I had this a couple years back, and I’m shocked they are still making this. As far as a player I loved watching Scottie.

  3. I just started following the Wolves when Kochetkov was sent back from the Canes. Why are they struggling this year? Did they lose a bunch of players?

  4. I think on opening night there was 6 or 7 holdovers from last years team. There were some on loan and sone that were career minor leaguers that moved on. Unfortunately they just lost a lot of chemistry and that could be because the head coach also left. They all got paid or ended up in situations that they deemed better so good for them.

  5. I’m a wolves fan and have had season tickets for over 20 years. It’s definitely frustrating with call ups but you have to be happy for the players. It’s especially difficult this year going from a championship team to a joke of a team in one year.

  6. I picked it up yesterday. Debated over the char 3,4, and 5. I went with the 5 and thought the neck pour was good. I would definitely purchase again. Something a little different then the usuals.

  7. Boston’s are just a breed that tends to have issues with their eyes. I had one of my last guys slowly go blind on me. He already had the house memorized and lived another happy 4 years with minimal issues. They are way more resilient than us.

  8. My first Boston beat us into submission and we let him out of the cage to roam free. He would pee every single time he was in that cage and then dance in it so we would have to bathe him daily. It ended up just being easier to try freeing him and he didn’t disappoint. My other two Boston’s never cared for the cage but at least didn’t have accidents. I do miss my little piss paws.

  9. Interesting… I’m still on normal and pretty much have the hang of that. Would you suggest maybe going to hard before expert?

  10. Hard is a waste of time. Just got to expert, it won’t take long to figure it out.

  11. I’ll take down the post and have you guys post it if I get a sample of ER17 for cake day😂👀

  12. I just tried some ER17 for the first time Saturday and oh man did it not disappoint. The Saz 18 I had did absolutely nothing for me. I like ryes too so I was surprised.

  13. I wanted to try the WLW and ER17 and they sold out the WLW the day before. I wish I would have chose the Handy over the Saz. I tired a baby saz store pick when I got home and enjoyed that more than the 18.

  14. My guy started getting them at 12 years old and unfortunately was gone in about 3 weeks. They did the tests and he ended up having brain cancer. The second seizure came about a week after the first. Then only maybe 3-4 days and on his last day he had multiple in the morning before we rushed him to the ER. We ended up spending like 3 grand on a lost cause in his last day. I wish you best of luck and hope that medicine can control the situation and get you some more time.

  15. Only thing that could have made this better is if he was wearing a monocle instead of the glasses.

  16. We were not feeding our puppy enough food and that was causing stomach acid to build up and cause barfing. He was having some diarrhea issues and we were limiting his food and apparently limited too much. All is good for him now. If she is getting enough to eat then it sounds like you need a new vet. This is my third Boston and this is not normal.

  17. Bottle: Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof (129 proof, batch 11, NAS – said to be 6-8 years old)

  18. Nice review, I picked one up this afternoon. Trying to have a Dryuary so I have something to look forward to come February.

  19. There’s a work around: let go of the ball (now it’s no longer a tug of war game), tell them to drop the ball, tell them to sit, and the ball is yours!

  20. I do exactly this, tell them to sit and for some reason that has always worked where the ball release mechanism is triggered.

  21. My guy at NMBB was hyping up the Old Pepper Distillery Single Malt. Anyone had it yet? He claimed it’s so good that people are gonna hunt for it in short order. Hmmm…

  22. Old pepper was one of the distilleries that really impressed me when I visited last year. I am a big fan of their single barrel rye. I do remember liking a lot of their products. Was pretty cool considering I wasn’t really looking forward to going to that one.

  23. Thank you so muchhhh, yes his markings make him look like " El zorro" 🤣🤣

  24. My 15 has the laser code starting with 22 on it. I was more surprised that the ORVW I got from winning the grocer raffle is a 21. BT or the grocer must have been sitting on quite a few.

  25. One of my last Boston’s had this spot. We used to joke and call him Boston royalty. We never knew if it really proved lineage but it made for a cool story. We are going to breed our male Boston this year and the female has the haggerty spot so I am pretty excited about that.

  26. “A” looks like the mess that ends up in the dogs bowl at the end of the night.

  27. I agree with you. I went to a tasting at Willett and there is just something about the finish on most of their products that I’m not a fan of. It’s nice to at least have one product that I’m not chasing, lol. Really nice place and put on a great tasting experience at least. Most the rest of my group really enjoyed it.

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