1. What's the difference to you if three people came in together, or if one person came in with three orders? None.

  2. LOL, are you a child? Again, you'd be waiting the same exact time regardless.

  3. Is it childish to want fairness? If you do this, you are essentially monopolizing the line for 3x as long as normal and it usually takes even longer because they have to read and interpret instructions from whoever sent them.

  4. I personally believe, based on limited research and discussion (and having no relevant qualifications), that choosing to transition or identify as something other than your born-sex is similar to any other mental/emotional issue. I’ve personally dealt with severe GAD and depression most of my life - this includes talk therapy, SSRIs, SNRIs, and multiple crisis-unit stays resulting from strong suicidal tendencies.

  5. Sludge in an engine is always a bad thing, never let your oil get that old. Change it at 5 to 10 thousand miles.

  6. I've always heard 3 months or 3k miles. But I think some sludge builds up no matter how often you change it.

  7. I have had vehicles with over 200,000 miles with no sludge, maybe you have water entering your engine? Is it foamy?

  8. I haven't seen sludge in mine specifically. I just thought it was a regular occurrence. Idk, maybe I'm wrong.

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