1. Not an exact match in terms of the wording, but this reminds me of Flight of the Conchords: "The prettiest Girl in the Room"

  2. It all depends on your personal preferences, and you do need to do a bit of travelling in life before you have a solid idea of what you really want.

  3. In the United States at least, so much of this is just flat out wrong.

  4. I just looked up several stats you listed above and of the ones I can find, many are wrong for Sweden as well.

  5. I love his mom's line delivery of: "That is a LOT of detail."

  6. You'd be surprised how many people try to make it more complicated than this. They want there to be some clever trick which doesn't require much actual effort.

  7. My dad is in crazy good shape for a 75 year old and has long looked decades younger than his actual age. People ask me what his secret is: "Eats super healthy with lots of vegetables and lean protein, rarely has sweets or alcohol, never smoked, works out every single day. Has been doing this for his entire adult life."

  8. So a note was left in Yiddish to get past hospital staff. Assuming the stereotype that these people believe, some of those staff would have been Jewish?

  9. Especially given that Jewish people actually are overrepresented (compared to their actual percentage of the population) in healthcare professions, particularly as doctors.

  10. Nice. I still haven't seen any! We made a stop near what I think is a hunting club for them, but nothing.

  11. My daughter's favorite stuffed animal is a reindeer, and we were very keen on seeing them. We didn't luck out with the Northern Lights - it was overcast most of the time, and on the clear days we drove around for hours at night but no dice. But we got this great reindeer sighting as well as a good sighting of a bunch of seals at Jökulsárlón, so we still consider ourselves lucky.

  12. It is the highest childbirth mortality of any highly developed nation, and second place ain't even close.

  13. There are a lot of really fucking stupid Drs/nurses out there.

  14. Becoming a doctor is nothing like becoming a nurse, or even most other professions.

  15. The Snaefellsnes peninsula in general. A lot of people do a day tour there but we stayed a few days and did a lot of driving around, and every inch of it was just breathtaking. We just went in December/ January so it was covered in snow and there were few tourists around compared to a lot of the rest of the country, so the lack of other people really added to the wildness of it all.

  16. We’re there any stops in the peninsula that were especially noteworthy? We’re trying to figure out if we want to do a day trip there.

  17. The top thing was Hraunfossar and Barnafossar waterfalls for sure. Kirkjufell was #2. We stayed at Kirkjufell guesthouses which had just a phenomenal view of Grundarfjordur nestled in the snowy mountains along the water. Just the driving around Grundarfjordur on the way to Kirkjufell were some of my favorite views of the trip. #3 would be Londrangar basalt cliffs.

  18. She was born on the streets, like many cats here do, as we have no shelters whatsoever

  19. Are you in Turkey? This cafe looks like one I saw in Istanbul when I was there and I know you guys are covered in cats.

  20. I wonder how? What has findamentally changed? Is it more people were drunk more often, stupid tired and not paying attention and the safety rules where more lax?

  21. You are probably underestimating how many people still die from trains today. I have ridden the commuter train to and from Boston for work for almost 20 years and have been on FOUR different trains that struck and killed a pedestrian. Three suicides, one a teenager who was playing around in a train tunnel with friends.

  22. This sounds ridiculous, but I was on a commuter train into Chicago (Metra, heavy rail) that slammed on the brakes because we almost hit a person on the tracks… and then like 30 minutes later slammed on the brakes again because we did hit a pedestrian. Same train, same day, two different people.

  23. That is nuts, also really makes you appreciate how stressful a job being a train conductor must be.

  24. Rowing. I have been rowing competitively for years and I understand the nuances, yet it’s still the dullest thing in the world.

  25. On TV maybe, but I live on the North Shore of Boston and love watching individual and group crew boats in the rivers and especially in the ocean. The Head of the Charles regatta is a huge deal in Boston, one of the biggest public events of the year. Lasts three days and draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. It's a blast to attend.

  26. They really drive me nuts with this "the healthcare industry denies the existence of natural immunity or the benefits of diet and exercise."

  27. It was on 3rd Ave next to some frat houses, ATO was one I think. South of Leonardo's Pizza

  28. 09-13. Sadly Leonardo's is gone. They tore the whole building down, something new was under construction when I was there recently.

  29. How common is it really that people say no? Surely they are told that what they're doing is basically a more intense version of donating blood? And unlike donating blood, if you're a good HLA match, that's so much more rare than being a blood type match.

  30. There is an organization called the NMDP (national marrow donor program) that handles the vast majority of stem cell transplants using unrelated donor's in the US. It covers costs like transportation, food/hotel near the hospital, and they have their own insurance policy that covers the donor's care.

  31. As someone who works in bone marrow / stem cell transplantation: please understand that signing up for these registries is a decades long commitment. These donor drives are SO important, but the reality is that it is extraordinarily unlikely that if you do get picked, it will be because you match for the person whose specific drive you sign up for. Families and hospitals do these drives all the time, all over the world, and you get put in a world wide database.

  32. 400 USD for three people for an all day private tour is a great price! Sounds like it was a great experience with solid guides too. Plus epic memories and photos!

  33. It wasn't all day but it was a little under 3 hours. Because we had our daughter with us, we took the "family tour" option that is a short, direct route across the glacier to the caves. They stated that for the all adult tours, if they are down for it, they do a MUCH longer walking tour around the glacier (several kilometers) so that tour is closer to an all day tour. I am assuming that those ones are a higher price point.

  34. Too bad the weather was so windy. Still a good price, I'd say. I live in a tourist town in Colorado and tours/lessons/guided experiences can really add up. For example, $395 for a 10-15 minute tandem paragliding trip per person! So, sounds like your money was well spent.

  35. For sure, especially given that it was a private tour, it really was more than worth it cost wise and a great value.

  36. "I don't care if he never comes back" is a variation on an old meme in which people would pose with booze bottles in front of a tropical backdrop with the motto "We don't care if we ever get back", meaning returning from vacation.

  37. The couple sitting on the radiator that says "hot stuff" I appreciate the pun

  38. I was surprised that "hot stuff" was a phrase used that way over a hundred years ago, I thought that was a much more recent colloquialism.

  39. That’s the ultimate compliment. I really appreciate it!!

  40. I was going to post the same thing. You really do look SO much better than the movie version.

  41. After living in Iceland for some time, I HIGHLY doubt the credibility of this entire post. 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Funny that the police didn't have the same reaction and said that while Iceland has an extremely low crime rate, theft is by far the most common crime (unless you count traffic offenses or failing to obey police orders). There are thousands of thefts every year in Iceland, but the police told me that the vast majority are crimes of opportunity like mine. Pickpocketing is extremely rare, but other kinds of thefts do happen. Breaking and entering of either homes or vehicles do occur (about a thousand a year) but most thefts are like mine - a spontaneous crime of opportunity when someone is not being careful and have valuables in the open they are not keeping a close eye on. Like having what is obviously a laptop case on a cart your back is turned to. Also, interestingly, employees stealing items from stores is actually a significantly bigger issue than shoplifting.

  43. Why on earth would I bother do that? You can just not believe me, that's fine. I made this post as a small service to others to learn from my mistake. You are welcome to ignore it, as you being sufficiently convinced doesn't benefit or affect me in any way. .

  44. I just put up a post about our own ice cave tour at Vatnajokull, with some pictures and info about our tour guide, who we just adored and I can't recommend highly enough. It was expensive but worth it and definitely one of the highlights of our trip. The caving season lasts between November and March, and it will all depend on how long the caves are stable for. At the end of March you are pushing it, as you say, but looking at the

  45. They may all be morons that have made their own lives worse, but at least they’re owning the libs.

  46. Don’t drink water from a gas station restroom tap… no matter where in the world you are..

  47. The government literally has signs there all over the country in public restrooms saying "do not buy water in this country" and many public restrooms come with a tap specifically for filling water bottles under a "do not pay for water" sign. They even have outside faucets randomly on the side of the road along springs that you can stop and drink from. One place even had naturally carbonated water you could get from a roadside tap.

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