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  1. Dude, your dad was a FA-REAAKK!!! Just kidding. I seem to remember something similar being for furniture legs on carpet, so it wouldn’t crush the pile. Could be the flower thing, too.

  2. The article linked elsewhere says MK 4.

  3. The marker lights next to the original headlights are a dead giveaway. The mark IV had a “dome” around the lightbulb, whereas the mark V had what were essentially a single plastic monolithic piece emblazoned with the Lincoln logo that the orange light shone through.

  4. The whole rear is totally different too, the 4 has horizontal taillights in the bumper (some years i gues htey moved up), and the 5 has vertical tails in the rear fender.

  5. Yep. The only reason I know any of this is because I owned a Mark V, while my friend owned a mark IV.

  6. I have an identical wrench. I sanded the wooden handles to match the contour of the tool. Cleaned the entire thing up with wire wheel, sand paper, wire brushes, sanding belt, and BLO for the handles. I didn’t remove the jaws or handles, because it was restored for my own personal use, not to be put on display.

  7. 99/100 times you can eat clustered berries. Probably even more often than that :p

  8. Did you not know about sharks before

  9. The types of things that any given person knows about is widely varied. People are all unique. Just because you might know a thing or two about sharks and fossils doesn’t make you a smarter, or better person. It just makes you more knowledgeable in that particular area. I’m sure that OP has interests that they are passionate about that you know nothing of.

  10. We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune! We're taking turns to act as a sort of executive-officer-for-the-week--

  11. If it’s a beam-rider, the laser can become “larger” at a greater distance. If the target is being lased by an aircraft from a few kilometers away, the laser designator can be a foot or two in diameter. This can leave a small error. The blades can ensure that the error is dialed out, and soft targets are fully eliminated.

  12. So when I worked in the Aerospace industry there was a prank that all new hires would go through. They would be asked to go get a bucket of prop wash. There were multiple buildings where I worked so they always said to go to a specific person at a specific building and ask for it. And they would spend hrs trying to find it going through all the buildings asking multiple people till they came back and it was then explained to them what propwash actually was.

  13. Drilling holes sounds like something I would do, and you don't want to be like me. 😉 Just exchange it.

  14. Ok. I guess I’ll have to be the one to state the obvious.

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