1. Speaking of economic bonuses, remember when the Great Merchant Adam Smith granted an extra Economic policy slot? That was wayyy too strong.

  2. I was playing a multiplayer game with some friends who did have the dlcs and we had an intense race of basically everyone doing harbor and commercial projects to get home asap

  3. They’ll secretly hoping that you encircle their ass

  4. Howard: Aaand he's right behind me, isn't he?

  5. My favorite experiences were definitely og playground before creative was added. Although it had objectively less features than creative, messing around with friends in it was the best.

  6. How can I play this?! There’s no coral castle

  7. He invaded through the pacific! And I saved him. Took him into Bricks. What was I thinking. He’ll never change. He’ll never change.

  8. Keep Siam alive, and get them to join you if they still are. You can do a land invasion directly from there

  9. Had a bigger one of 65 soviet divisions in lemburg today

  10. So, funny story, I just had a Germany game that ended in a 1948 war with the Soviets. They had absurd divisions and factories, and they pushed all of my allies out of the Balkans. However, I had caused them 17 million casualties, causing them to run out of men. I ended up encircling the entire balkans, getting 2 separate encirclements of 50+ dictions each

  11. I’m going to try to reload a save to see if I can get a screenshot

  12. On almost any high upvote post I can find at least 1 variant of the chicanery speach

  13. Finger is probably the character that would fit Fortnite the most

  14. Dam I can’t wait for the ww1 landships to be deployed

  15. I’d love an infantry Equipment designer that focuses more on squad equipment over the weapon itself. You could select the equipment quality(higher quality means slightly better combat use and lower attrition rates, but lower quality weapons are significantly cheaper), you could select squad weapons(lmgs, grenades, mortars) for specific bonuses, and attachments for the gun like bayonets or night vision scopes

  16. Look, sometimes self-defense means sailing into Shanghai harbor, know what I mean?

  17. He’s just like Walter!!! Vavro Beninem

  18. Soybercels watching a toxchad plow through a school zone (they’re triggered)

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