1. Yup! Mine is all braided and one line. So happy and it makes it look much nicer.

  2. My first round when the season started I was pulling at least 400m-600m. Now I’m lucky if I can get 100m. Idk what they done but it was either broke before or it’s broke now. This season sucks tbh.

  3. Congrats! I’ve never gotten any S out the boxes. I had to buy it from the event and it was a poor choice as well.

  4. I always do and I’ve been surprised as well. Keep on keeping on 👌

  5. I’ve used that deck before, it’s good in early pvp bc yin Yang is rlly vulnerable to the normal monsters

  6. Yup and I ran it for a while as well. Then the hyper-assassin decks became prominent and I stopped using YY altogether

  7. I can’t even get past the first camp or boss 😅 it sucks tbh. I will keep this in mind for future references 👌

  8. Nice to know but I didn’t experience any issues with that. However, all my notifications for anything remains private til I go to the apps and look. It sucks but it’s whatever lol. I can still play so yeah

  9. Doing much better than I am. My stats are higher but I don’t have anywhere close to the gear you have.

  10. Still learning here but how do you get higher lvl cards?

  11. nah you only get them the first time you blitz

  12. I blitzed twice today. Just couldn’t push farther and so I quit and blitzed again.

  13. I’m just excited to have new stuff to work towards. Still kinda new to this. Lucky to have a legendary turtle 😭

  14. Nice! How did you get the guided lines?

  15. I had this happen twice a few weeks ago. I opened 40 that day. 1 lunar, 2 typhoon and 1 nuke. Congrats btw ☺️

  16. I ran this deck from class 12-17. Was a really fun deck and even more fun when the assassin decks couldn’t keep up. Now I’m class 19 and I just play whatever is fun cause idc what my % is. I play for fun

  17. It is one of the more interesting decks I've played. I loved royal teleport back when YY was all people ran.

  18. Yes!!! I ran RoyalYY for a while due to that. I’m sure people raged like I did when things were going good 🤣

  19. I sold all non-essentials and bought the whole shop. Was worth it and I had a few hundred points left.

  20. Looks like Post Malone and Tekashi 69 had a baby girl 🤮

  21. Time for me to start making Snickers EPI pens 😎👌

  22. It’s easier to buy them from a merchant on higher lvl islands if you need them fast.

  23. Ofc, the mini van table. 2 in the front and 4 in the rear 🤣

  24. I use Asta, Jorgen, Maya, Phobos, and Lilith. I dominate every team I come across. The teams are always Ginger/Isaac combinations. Artifacts are extremely important. The artifact weapon will help a ton of all team members has their at least 3 star. That and glyphs. People over look the last two things for better stronger hero’s. Some are better than others, yes. But the artifacts and glyphs play a huge role in their strengths as well.

  25. I’m Just trying to survive and finding out I’m doing it all wrong lol. Damn!!!

  26. haha you can’t do it wrong! everyone starts somewhere, i have 650+ hours into this game so don’t feel like your gear isn’t good enough lolol i’m just a nerd

  27. Yeah I decided to try it cause my kids said I should and I’m enjoying it so far. The amount of enchantments you can have is crazy though

  28. It’s the gods flipping you off for disturbing their slumber lol

  29. I have an R5 2600 OC 3.85Ghz with same stock cooler. Even under load it never goes over 70°C. Something is wrong some where.

  30. How are you able to do it? I have an R5 2600 with voltage set to 1,24V and my temp hits 65,5 degrees after 2 minutes in OCCT. I use Fera 3 cooler, Kryonaut thermal paste and 4x Sigma pro 120PWM in my PC case.

  31. Maybe an airflow issue with the case. I have 2 intake fans and a single exhaust fan. I do have a fan set in front of my GPU that takes in a combination of the 2 intakes to help keep my RX 580 cool which is running on PWM but the others run full 24/7 and it’s quiet. Pin drop heard across the room quiet lol. My case had a solid front panel but I opened it up with holes drilled in it in a pattern. After doing that the flow was much better and my temps have been wonderful ever since. I’m also still using the factory thermal pad that was on the heat sink with the fan as well.

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