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  2. I have yet to give in an put a mando decal on it lol. Looks so nice right off the lot.

  3. At least back in so the driver's door isn't opening into a shrubbery. Amateurs

  4. Lol it was a little tight getting in with that bush there ngl - whoops

  5. The story for Half Life 3 was released online. Guy who wrote it finally had the NDA expire, so he posted the whole thing. It was closure for me, but also cemented it's incredibly unlikely we'll ever see THAT game. We could get a Half-Life 3, but idk if it'll be THE Half-Life 3.

  6. “We could get a Half-Life 3…”

  7. Shin Godzilla is very dope, i completely understand the cult like following it has. Very clearly an allegory for the Fukushima disaster and government inaction, hence the frustrating first act of infinite meetings and room discussions while people die. The whole government blockheadedness of this reminds me deeply of HBOs Chernobyl series.

  8. I’m so confused. What’s with the comma followed by “she”? This some kind of meme template?

  9. This one is made by a Japanese company ironically called “US Toys”. He glows, too!

  10. I will never do this again. Relationships that involve this have usually ended up with the guy being the main character IRL and I was just the sidekick, and I think this reflects that. He and I focused on his life and improvements and achievements, but never mine. At the very least, I want someone who does this equally with me, but I’ll never see if I have it because I turn the game off when an SO wants to spend time with me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe if I can’t finish the level or haven’t saved in a while, but NEVER “I do, but I just got this game and it’s single player only soooo you can do whatever you want, you can do your own thing, help me, clean for all I care”

  11. My girlfriend would be like “oh you got a new single player game? Cool. Turn it off and play later so we can hang out.” And she’d be right.

  12. Maybe unpopular opinion but I’m not a fan of anything overly “artful” about the Empire. I kinda like the cold, ridged aesthetic and that they only gets flashy when it comes to Sith, like the Royal Guard. Seeing this doesn’t have the same impact-my first assumption would be it was captured by pirates or something.

  13. Yeah it looks nice but it kind of breaks from the sterile lethality of the Empire’s presence (for me). Its cool but its also a little cheesy.

  14. I got a buddy like this. Makes ever custom character some kinda squidward horror show. I’m always making some conventionally attractive generic action-man. Maybe I’m the idiot.

  15. I can't believe that bearded asshole from tik tok worked his way into the news report

  16. Did that dude not help catch this foo or am I missing some background?

  17. I wasn't even aware a Gorgosaurus was an actual dinosaur, maybe OP didn't know either

  18. Please get it tattooed and post it here, it would fit great!

  19. Not in my book. I love Aliens but Alien is still one of my favorite scifi films of all time.

  20. There is a Godzilla 1998 podcast coming out

  21. Everyone saying "oh, it's just good makeup and fx, why hate??"

  22. This is the first and only one I’ve ever seen so it wasn’t cringe for me. I feel if something needs explaining then its probably not a fit.

  23. Lol at the haters. Its not cringe or “edgy” so much as just a neat idea by someone who’s good with makeup. Lighten up y’all.

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