1. The main idea: "If you want to monitor compliance with the laws - go to work in the police."

  2. Holodomor is a man-made famine that caused many Ukrainians died of hunger.

  3. An interesting fact: The relative losses from the famine of 1932-1933 were the highest in Kazakhstan - 22.42%, in Ukraine - 12.92%.

  4. 5 years I can not finally remove them from the garden. It seems to me that i need to cut the soil a mile deep and take it to the moon.

  5. And the white rectangle under the windshield of the car... Isn't there the driver's phone number by any chance? "sorry. Please call if my car is in the way"

  6. Note or not. Don't park in a parking lot if there isn't any spots available.

  7. In metropolitan areas, this is difficult. Maybe only in Japan. It seems that you can buy a car there only if there is a parking space. In any case, 5 minutes of waiting will not make the weather.

  8. So you’re saying, then, that all claims in the western media regarding “CCP organ harvesting” are at best conjecture, no?

  9. And I’m surprised that hieroglyphs were not cut out of this video and they didn’t present it as a video from Russia.

  10. Isn't this the case when the Tesla braked smoothly, blinking the turn signal, and a bunch of morons crashed into it, (who, no one knows how, got their license)

  11. What is the yellow-green hosta called? I don't have one and have never seen one.

  12. Заходи, <коли не шутишь>. Хорошо <коли так>.

  13. American here! I hope we will be friends. I prefer peace and happy times. One day I hope we can be friends again 🙏. I think citizens of Russia and citizens of America can be friendly to each other without being political. Everyone has different views so for me i dont mind have having different views.

  14. Of course we can, and we are already friends (individually, of course, and not as nations). But at the political level, we will not soon become friends. At least the current world order is not adapted to this.

  15. I literally just wrote something about a black man beaten by four other black cops and not one news outlet covered it because we can’t use that. Tell me more from your racist school of thought

  16. Dude, chill. I am very far from your race wars, besides, I am a Russian fascist invader, but even I can see that you have been given a simple, fair remark about your first comment.

  17. Five years of service in the cavalry. With medal for meritorious service.

  18. I wouldn't really call the Soviet Unions intervention in Afghanistan an invasion. The government of Afghanistan was allied with the Soviets and they asked for help fighting against the religious nutjobs.

  19. In addition, invaders usually do not build power plants and schools throughout the country they invaded.

  20. О. Надо статью разработчикам duolingo отправить.

  21. Education, education and one more time education. Since soviet times it is quite good in the field of natural science. But in the field of social science it just sucks, and lack of it needs to be eliminated.

  22. «Недостатком советской системы образования была попытка формировать человека-творца, а сейчас задача заключается в том, чтобы взрастить квалифицированного потребителя, способного квалифицированно пользоваться результатами творчества других».

  23. А можно уточнить как антибиотики кореллируют с вирусами?

  24. Есть вирусы, которые убивают бактерии. Ученые хотят изучить геном этих вирусов, выяснить механизм который используют вирусы для уничтожения бактерий и создать препарат на основе этого механизма, который позволит уничтожать болезнетворные бактерии и заменить антибиотики

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