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  1. That oddly satisfied smile he gives after the bear says “I love you!” - incredibly creepy, I felt like I watched a grown man fulfill a deep seeded fetish.

  2. although spazkid isn't exactly a troll, he seems to be doing well nowadays. he's on oneyplays, so i guess that's cool.

  3. Expect degeneracy and bigotry on it.Add some dozing,and yeah,you get the idea.

  4. Teenagers will drink and have sex, to assume otherwise is foolish. Attempting to raise the age of consent would just turn a lot of people into criminals with no benefit.

  5. How can you have a relaxed, mature and experienced life if you're not able to work or even get credit until you're 40?

  6. We need like 50 more NATOs at least. Everyone and their cousin should have a NATO between themselves. Just in case they’re ever attacked, you know.

  7. "Libertarians don't respect liberty" posted under a peice of propaganda showing the side who apperently does respect liberty stomping down on their political opponents.

  8. Why do you always talk about porn? Besides, you will never ever meet anyone who actually indulges in this, so why waste your energy on people who don't deserve it? Dismiss and insult it all you want, but constantly posting about the weird types of porn you keep finding is truly a waste of time

  9. I've been taught about it by a youtuber.His acc his Virgo,as far as I remember.And well,I was informed about it.

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