What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, November 29, 2022

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  1. Mostly swing shorting CVNA 8+ to 7ish. This will be first bet that fails because CVNA is a dog going to zero.

  2. it seems like 🅱️rypto 🅿️ottomed out

  3. Mine did this back in february and you know what - a lot of those people deserved to be fired anyway.

  4. “The name of the wind” is not bad at all. Only in chapter 2, and already enjoying it.

  5. Yeah, I haven't seen him around either. He was always a pretty intelligent guy, so I'm sure he's doing well for himself.

  6. He was an ape though so not sure if finally blew up his account for the last time on AMC and roped or something.

  7. Yo can someone give me some stuff to buy calls on for Monday? I’m already long everything I can think of I need moar tickers

  8. Imagine if a bank had WSB level risk management? Oh wait then it would be another zombie Euro bank lol.

  9. Imagine having the guts to protest against Winnie the Pooh but the not the brains to leave your cell phone at home. But then I might miss a call smh. For zoomers really like being naked I guess. Also to be fair cameras everywhere so have to cover your face also plus probably plenty of informers.

  10. Shkrelli went to jail for co-mingling client funds from one company to bail out another company he owned. SBF is getting NY Times interviews for the exact same thing

  11. Its also been like less than month. Can do a remindme as I am sure the dude will be proper fucked in a year. Forensic accounting takes time.

  12. Older school so would put Chuck Liddell and even Frank Mir on that list. Probably don't belong any more I guess. Wrestling Frank Mir was like wrestling a gorilla. That guy literally broke bones when he put people in submission holds.

  13. BREAKING REPORT: CA Gov. Newsom's reparations committee to recommend handing out $223,200 PER PERSON to all descendants of slaves in California for 'HOUSING DISCRIMINATION' at a cost of $559BN - nation's biggest restitution effort ever..

  14. Holy shit already a flood of Cali refugees here in AZ. The dam is about to burst when their taxes go even more parabolic.

  15. Can't talk about it due to rule 5 but there is a court hearing here in AZ in about 35 min that is going to be seriously hilarious. Defendants only got a lawyer 90 min ago. 4 seasons landscaping funny.

  16. But aren’t the majority of workers union? If they all still went on strike there isn’t anything they could do about it. They would be forced to agree to their terms unless you want complete economic meltdown in the US.

  17. The government can seriously fuck up the union itself by jailing leaders and fining the holy shit out of them and the union. They can make it so union leadership isn't making the calls.

  18. Yes, the market is looking very bullish right now and I expect tomorrow to be a great day for trading.

  19. Be great if they suddenly say breaking news but it looks like the FTX sex tape has been released during his interview and get his reaction.

  20. Bah salty bear mods removed the JPow motivational poster post tell them what to do with their puts.

  21. I’m assuming there’s muscle on that under 10% which is tough to do

  22. Yeah if packing on muscle and not doing a ton of cardio you are right. Seen a fair number of wrestlers have no problem doing both hard core but that sport is all about testing who is more dedicated.

  23. Damn the tech bubble popped the year I get into investing that's crazy. No more easy free money, only nerdy chart bois can win in this market. Or ETFs, but that's a pussy move.

  24. 2001 was a real bubble. Imagine everything falling twice as far as Meta at its lowest. This more of a blip.

  25. Speed of earth spinning, speed of earth orbiting sun and speed of solar system orbiting Sag A*? I think our speed toward the Great Attractor is higher still.

  26. County recorder gets paid like six figures. They should be thanking us

  27. Not here they don't I don't believe (edit: $76,600 here). Then again low six figures isn't worth having to worry about your family being murdered. That fucked up here in purple state land right now.

  28. People who genuinely hope that the chinese protesters will “prevail” are actually hoping to see chinese suffer from chaos of a “collapsing” government, if that happens (lol no). They also want to see china repeat the mistakes that the us has made and to see millions of chinese dying. Remember the 1 million covid deaths in the us? No? Well, anyway, china has 1.4 billion. Do the math yourself.

  29. I just want China to quit being such a bitch to foreign investors. No matter which way things break probably not going to happen. Also Covid will spread one way or another eventually.

  30. What a defeatist attitude. So, you are saying china should just let millions die. That explains a lot about this place.

  31. Not at all but mentioning the obvious solution with the v word means instant down votes on here for political reasons so didn't go there. Supposed to keep things about money anyway and sadly the solution reducing both deaths and cost to society is taboo.

  32. Most historically inaccurate part of the Movie Gladiator is the fact it depicts Commodus as a weak bitch....

  33. Waking up and seeing corn under 16k might actually make tomorrow tolerable. Die die die.

  34. corncoin market cap is currently at 300 billion. imagine if that "money" was used to improve the actual real world instead of digital speculation.

  35. Its not real money. If even a decent chunk of it was sold off the price would drop like a stone.

  36. Dude Ukraine was trying to Join NATO, what would the USA have done if Mexico tried to team up with Russia? Besides even that the USA has got some nerve to have an issue with someone invading countries for their own interests.

  37. Last thing I will say is I didn't really have a beef with Russia until they messed around directly in our elections and started trying to turn us into an authoritarian shit hole like them from the inside. Then they became our enemies. We never invaded Cuba with our regular army even though they are 90 miles away and aligned themselves with Russia. Did some covert shit just like Russia did in Ukraine but they went a step further and actually invaded. If we directly invaded Cuba back in the 1970s I fully expect Russia to do exactly what we have done but actually they would have been a more active participant. Just like they did in Vietnam. Not super happy to be letting all of Eastern Europe into NATO but what is done is done and now we need to make sure Russia is never able or at least willing to invade another country in Europe. Putin answers to no one and that makes him a threat to all of Europe. Russia becomes a true democratic country again and will immediately say we should welcome them in fold but this authoritarian shit needs to disappear in history where it belongs. I do not want my son to grow up in a country where the assclown in charge can't get kicked to the curb if he goes full regarded (Trump, Carter, etc).

  38. Brother the Russian crap messing with the election all turned out to be purposely faked....go look it up the Steele dossier was all made up! But regardless even if it weren't we dip our hands in every election on the planet openly. Also we were an inch away from nuclear war because of the Cuban missile crisis and you're looking to use that as an example of a better course of action and are you calling the bay of pigs covert?

  39. And our conversation ends. Only participate in good faith discussions not bullshit propaganda. /Mute.

  40. So what trash memes are people going to push their Boomer relatives to buy tomorrow (buy on Friday)? PLTR again?

  41. Guys let me help you. Imagine anything of value that is barcoded. Now imagine that barcode is replaced with RFID technology, which no longer requires line of sight for scanning and can store/interpret real time data.

  42. Except economies of scale have turned the technology into complete adoption mode

  43. Remember that time Elon tweeted a picture of him struggling to carry a sink?

  44. The fact that everytihng has gone downhill since the end of 2013 has convinced me that the entire universe is just a dream being experienced by former F1 star Michael Schumacher. Since his accident and brain damage, events have just been happening randomly with no coherent logic or explanation.

  45. Once the corn exchanges stop transferring around the same 1 billion to prove they're backed, the contagion event is going to fuck over the real world markets right?

  46. Imagine having a 330 million population, as the USA, and drawing against a 3million population Wales

  47. Shit we missed the last WC because we couldn't beat a tiny ass island nation with 1 million people. Literally used to this shit but most Americans are like wait the WC is on?

  48. It's okay at least y'all have Basketball and ice hockey

  49. Ice Hockey more America's hat (Canada) sport. American football is what most people give a shit about in the US proper. Baseball more for Japan and Latin America now. Basketball somewhat but more for the young urban crowd.

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