1. Hey friend, guess Blizzard was waiting for your post!

  2. Pretty sure the Air Force itself practices sodomy on its own members.

  3. E4 buddy of mine sprayed Liquid ass in the office. NCOIC kicked everyone out cause the smell was unbearable and sent us home early on a Friday. I was home sleep by 10am🤣

  4. I have had 30 minutes, face to face, with my career field manager. I was picked by my leadership to represent my job in my operational field and talk about the day to day of what I do. He cut me off mid-sentence to tell me in what utter contempt he held my AFSC, and that I am not, by definition, doing the job that I am actually doing every day. He also told me that hell will freeze over before I, or any new people coming in, get trained for the job I’m actually doing.

  5. Yea I mean, this is where I am now. I also am extremely careful with what I say to give no ammo. I tend to run a pretty relaxed/open shop where the people I supervise are free to tease me, and I them, and everyone speaks their mind, but with this newer Airman coming in I have disengaged entirely from that.

  6. It is. There was a undisclosed race empowered female that absolutely was removed by a deployment prior to PCS. I heard no one in the entire chain of command was on her side and will ensure no awards will be given for her deployment OR end of tour. Read the room and protect yourself.

  7. … but we did a whole panda expansion for them!

  8. 90% of Intel are horrible at briefing. The uncontrollable autism makes it awkward for everyone in the room.

  9. This is why we weaponize autism. This issue with intel is we only have blue forces in the room when they brief. Hear me out: make them brief Guantanamo detainees.

  10. His main character trait was perv for like 3 arcs straight. Whole cake redeemed him imo

  11. I blame the anime on this. Most of his Ls were exaggerated greatly. I swear Toeai are peak Zoro fanboys.

  12. Joke’s on you, I’ll just lick your CAC while staring you dead in the eyes over my Oakleys.

  13. I don't get how gate closures is secret, no bases or time scales needed. My diet is 90% Tornados and Monster, I'm a hair away from shitting my pants as it is.

  14. Information is just like pieces of a puzzle my dude. Something might not be important but it slowly fills the picture. I know you ain’t China or isis but they can read.

  15. Give. Them. Nothing. We don’t need them and we can do our own DnD with blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the blackjack or hookers!

  16. Marineford war 2.0 was really good but I had to suspend disbelief when they threw seraphim Big Mom and Kiado against Zoro and Sanji. Sanji really did kick that fish into orbit.

  17. The buff just ups my overheating done. The spec still feels great (I don’t t do keys higher than 10) it’s just it’s still hard to focus heals on specific targets still.

  18. The only thing that kills me is the blatant sanji “L”s. Zoro shower first, hinted CoC in his eyes and had so much more time on screen until sanji even showed up.

  19. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. It’s a little embarrassing seeing some chonkers in OCPs, not to mention their 10 year old skin tight blues.

  20. I would agree, but I’ve seen so many E-7+ and O-6+ just disregarding this mentality.

  21. I am more curious about all those elemental lords my shaman became buddies with during Legion. You'd think THEY would have a few things to say about the primalists.

  22. I picture the “elements” as beings local to the spot they occupy. A river in Grizzly Hills isn’t the same as a river in the Waking Shores. The primalists could whip those into a frenzy but that does not undermine the work that the earthen ring has done throughout the other regions of the game. It would take something like Al’Akir coming down to say “alright now, LETS GET KRONK” for it to be unanimous.

  23. Could their magic and powers just come from themselves, like an innate power they tap in to? Worship would be more like meditation then.

  24. This is how I would rule it without railroading players out of playing a cleric. If the story really hangs on a Godless world, the player themselves would be the remaining vessels of the dwindling power biased on their faith of themselves picking up the torch.

  25. I agree, but those reasons are only really tangential to the D&D topic of this sub and may not have the same impact.

  26. Agree to disagree here. Pokémon and Yugioh card game forums exploded at the WoTC debacle too. Use the MTG issue as a very large red flag of what is to come to DnD. Use our pain, I beg of you.

  27. Doflamingo, he will always win this powerscaling question whether he’s in the list or not.

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