1. As a teen I worked for a janitorial company, you too can do this with a little practice.

  2. Forest fires are natural. What is unnatural is preventing every fire and letting dry fuel build up over time which then creates "megablazes".

  3. What exactly is your point? We have known that the misguided forestry practices of previous generations were completely flawed for decades.

  4. I am not familiar, what is a LOI? Either way, as a hiring manager I would balance the good APRs with the the discipline. But it would depend entirely on how bad the discipline was.

  5. So, can I ask a genuine question? Have you ever used any other similar headphones around that price point?

  6. I have the Beats Fit Pros and the Gen II AirPods. They sound about the same, but the isolation is obviously better on the beats. For actually listening to music I also have a $40 pair of over the ear headphones that blow both out of the water. The tech is what you are paying for with the true wireless earbuds, mainly the ANC, compact battery, Qi charging case, and the independent pairing. Not the sound quality.

  7. Death metal is styled after a band called Death song called Death Metal. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with death as a concept.

  8. Possessed were the band that released the demo named “Death Metal”, and while Death were one of the originators for sure, credit where credit is due.

  9. It’s like they are auditioning for a part in a wax museum. Weird.

  10. Does it? It is relatively cheap for what you get. If I make it to full retirement age it works out to be like having a 401k at 100% match up to 3%. Not amazing, but pretty good considering that the private equivalent of many positions here are in industries that typically offer zilch.

  11. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the numbers somehow. I'm comparing it to what I'm getting from former County work.

  12. Maybe? I don’t know. As far as I am aware it’s on par with modern public pensions. The pre 2008 pensions were much better, maybe you are comparing to that?

  13. Looks pretty standard for an old cobbled together GA plane... Unfortunately.

  14. Yeah, that was my thought as well. I worked GA for 11 years, and what a circus that was to witness. We would do walk-throughs with customers to document everything before we did any work and it was shocking what they thought was okay to fly.

  15. I did one year and that was more than enough. Why would you torture yourself so much lol? It does offer up a lot of experience and a lot more variety of maintenance than most larger airlines.

  16. Lol. I thought about going to the airlines, and even government, but I would have had to move because I am outside of even my local metro area. In the end I left aviation all together since I had better earning potential in other industries where I live.

  17. Around my parts code requires ground mounted systems to be enclosed by a fence. Now I know why!

  18. Every time I have done an OOC I received my OOC checks about 2-3 months behind my actual assignment. But that is my department, your mileage may vary.

  19. Yes, in most cases your supervisor does not have anything to do with your starting pay, and HR will determine your range based on the information on your application.

  20. Yes I have YEARS of experience with this. Clearly you don’t. Get over yourself.

  21. So, just to be clear, you have reposted a position without any justification? Maybe you are way experienced than me, but you are not really very convincing in your argumentssssssss.

  22. Just because you don’t think it’s a valid justification, doesn’t make it true.

  23. Just like Dick Cheney said, we will greet them as liberators.

  24. Blue Shield Trio has unlimited telehealth visits, which includes mental health. As far as in-person visits go it is very hit and miss though.

  25. Dear god, why do I have to be reminded that such nonsense exists.

  26. Because you pulled a permit to install the solar, so the county reassessed the value of your home, and installing solar increased the value of your home?

  27. I have switched between Apple and Android over the years and really don’t see what all the hullabaloo is over iMessage. Yes, it has some nice features, but group texts are not really a big deal for me, or anyone that I know. The much larger lock-in for me is Apple/Google services. I am still married to Google for so many things even though we are all on Apple devices because transferring everything would be too painful. It would actually be a little easier to move everything to google, but that would still require me to recreate so much setup that took forever to get together. Data portability if far more important than iMessage features IMO.

  28. And the Ford Ranger EV came out before the Roadster, then the EV-1 came out before that, and, and on and on. The Leaf was the first true mass market EV that your average person knew existed, and then the Model S took it even higher. The roadster was neat, and got Tesla its start, but that was about it.

  29. That was not your goal post. Ford ranger ev had no impact. GM EV1 had an impact but GM killed it’s potential when they killed the EV1.

  30. The Leaf was in development before the Roadster even launched, so I don’t know how much it could have influenced Nissan.

  31. When has a luxury item ever been about what the reasonable minimum is? How big are bloated American houses again? Maybe twice the size of what people actually need? How can we convince people that they need less of anything? We are a nation of more, faster, better.

  32. Yet another green hydrogen technology, where do we file this one? Vaporware or boondoggle?

  33. what do they even mean by “twice as much noise”? Is that in terms of frequency range? Decibel level? Different/Multiple noise sources? The article doesn’t give much insight, so it just sounds like a techno-jargon term used to sell the product

  34. It's an Apple metric, everything is made up and the points don't matter. I am sure they are great, but the x2 number is nonsense.

  35. Only thing I can think of is if you could convert one, or both, of your sub panels into critical load panels? Otherwise you will need to move those circuits to a new loads panel.

  36. Really, anything that humans do is harmful to the environment. You could write a similar article about eating meat, or even just vegetables. Nothing humans ever do will be “clean”, but what we should really consider is if there is a better way. Then, if something is better than the previous way we should not weigh it against perfection, but if it is worth the change, or is there a better solution that is available within current technology.

  37. “Approximately 2.2 million litres of water is needed to produce one ton of lithium.” - How does that compare with oil?

  38. A 30 degree pitch, and a 28 degree pitch are almost the same, maybe 100 sq/ft cost difference. $3k seems way out of line. Maybe $300, but not $3000 as far as materials are concerned. Maybe they have an up charge when they hit 7/12 pitch? It is a steep roof, but not overly.

  39. Nope, it's a ventilated loft. There is insulation up there, but it's mainly to stop heat escaping from the house.

  40. Well, do you know the max temperature in your loft? You can compare that to whatever the max operating temp of the battery that you are looking at.

  41. We had a heatwave this year and the loft did get up to 40°C which is nearing the upper limit of the battery. All locations are fairly equidistant from the breaker box.

  42. Typically you would place the batteries closer to the breaker box because of voltage drop and ampacity issues. Say your batteries have an output of 40 amps, if they were 100ft from the panel you would need 4 gauge wire, compared to if they were 10ft from the panel then you would only need 8 gauge. Really it’s just money, because copper is expensive, why spend $10 a foot on a 100ft run when you can spend $5 a foot on a 10 foot run. The wiring cost alone would be nearly $1000.

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