My zombie Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) at a cosplay convention


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  1. Nope, no shame to be had there. Minecraft does computer Lego, better than Lego.

  2. Just bought it the other day, not played just yet but I’ll get back to u when I have

  3. Well, by the looks of it, he's not responding. I suppose he didn't say he was gonna answer.

  4. My favorite part is the disclaimer in the window

  5. Was I the only one in my head going "Yeah, you scream like a little girl"?

  6. Don't even have an active volcano near by, how boring.

  7. Does it work in reverse? my dick is so small, the mice even laugh

  8. I appreciate the value of knowledge you bring to the table, but you didn't get paid enough to go as far as you have.

  9. Many have tried, but they all blew it.

  10. Well, i tought it was gona be worse, into concrete or something like that

  11. Right, this was the perfect amount of, "he might have really gotten hurt", and "Damn that was funny"

  12. You just got punched in the face 4 times, what makes you think you should meet someone outside....

  13. I... I want more. Someone get this woman a band and a babysitter.

  14. Print coming off the bed is not a terrible fix. Up the first layer temp 10 degrees, and check your bed leveling.

  15. After playing Spec Ops: The Line, I had a real moment of, "Wow, anything after this is just gonna be disappointment".

  16. I wonder what he was pulled over for and why he got out of his car.

  17. They usually tell you to get out of your car before they tell you you're under arrest.

  18. Could you imagine trying to meet the Jim Carrey standard for 8 hours straight, several days a week.

  19. It's obviously a hover car... Or a transformer.

  20. Because Nike needed more money and advertising. /s

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