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  1. The only reason the game was even made was to show of the PS4s graphics capacity lmao

  2. soooo you're saying making good graphics doesn't take any effort?

  3. The effort was focused exclusively on the graphics, which made all the other elements necessary of making a good game fall flat.

  4. Honestly I always found TBHC to be nothing more than an okay album. Never really hated it, but at the same time it has never grown on me neither. Fine for a listen or two from time to time I guess.

  5. I swear, these people's entire identity is based on being a TBHC fan.

  6. Title seems misleading looks like mic man was trying to provoke them.

  7. He was definitely looking to provoke them, but then again he didn't have to go throught that much length to get them to turn aggressive.

  8. Och varför bryr du dig om biologiskt kön? Spelar kromosomer eller skillnaden om de har en prostata eller inte någon roll för din dejtingpreferens? Om det inte går att se någon skillnad utan att inspektera noggrant, vad spelar det då för roll?

  9. Därför att det biologiska könet har man blivit tilldelad på naturlig väg, inte genom könskorrigeringar, hormonbehandlingar och diverse operationer osv. Vi människor har en tydlig aversion mot sådant som anses "onaturligt", och det återspeglas inte minst när det kommer till sexuella preferenser.

  10. Där kommer vi fram till poängen. Du ser transbehandling och transpersoner som något onaturligt. Det var det jag menade i orginalkommentaren med att man inte är aktivt transfobisk men att det kan ligga transfobi under ytan.

  11. FÖREKOMSTEN av transpersoner är ju naturlig. Däremot är ju processen för att omvandla personen till det motsatta könet onaturlig. Det är ju inget fel med det i sig, men man måste ju ändå kunna sympatisera med varför majoriteten av människor inte kommer att känna någon sexuell dragning till de som genomfört en sådan behandling, utan att för den sakens skull gapa om transfobi. Låt oss säga x antal år när man kommer ha förmågan att klona människor. Hur tror du att synen på att ligga med dessa kloner kommer att se ut? Är det någonting som alla människor förväntas gå med på för att inte ses som fobiskt av något slag?

  12. Was the alarm necessary? I'm pretty sure everyone could tell you being 400 pounds is a problem.

  13. Just don't tell that to anyone involved in the body positive movement.

  14. I like how you give a perfectly legit och logical reason why you don't watch womens hockey, and you still get downvoted lol.

  15. Det låter bra. Forskning visar att längre och hårdare straff inte avskräcker från att begå brott. Men fungerande lösningar är komplexa och tar tid att genomföra, och folk vill ha enkla och snabba svar. ”Hårda straff” låter bra, och folk röstar utifrån känslor i första hand. Så populistiska slagord som ”hårdare straff” funkar, tyvärr.

  16. Men det är väl inget som säger att bara för att man mobaliserar hårdare straff att man samtidigt skulle sluta försöka med med mer komplexa och långsiktiga åtgärder. Sen känns det lite oseriöst att bara vifta bort hela iden med hårdare straff bara för att en studie pekar åt ett visst hål. Finns andra studier och praktiska fall där man faktiskt har sätt en positiv effekt på brottsligheten när man skärpt till straffen.

  17. Tyvärr är det inte så harmlöst som folk tror. Men bättre än alkohol imo

  18. Inte en chans. Cannabis fungerar som utlösningfaktor av psykoser. På psykkliniker ligger det just nu mängder med unga människor pga psykos som konsekvens av deras cannabisbruk. Psykoser ökar i sin tur öven risken för att utveckla schizofreni senare i livet.

  19. It's sad it has come to the point where you have to put a bloody /s after your very obvious joke to make people understand that you're being sarcastic.

  20. I mean, you could kill a dozen people in 30 seconds. This is a terrible argument.

  21. If you did it within 30 seconds it's ok. You just had a bad 30 second is all

  22. Jag fattar att de gör det i syftet att uppmärksamma klimatkrisen osv osv, men sådana här aktioner kan väl omöjlig leda till att människor faktiskt börjar sympatisera med deras rörelse? Leder ju bara till irritation och ilska riktade mot dem.

  23. imagine caring how and what people do to workout 😂

  24. Every joke on this meme page is pretty much dedicated to making fun of different gym demographics. Why are you even here if that's such a problem

  25. I agree with all of what you said, but at the same time it's just a meme for comedic purposes lol. Plenty of man-hating/gymbro-hating memes on here as well, it's just jokes.

  26. Men skipping leg day is literally the #1 gym related meme. Why should women skipping upper body day get a pass from being the target of a stupid meme as well lol.

  27. Hockey is the only religion that matters.

  28. Solid 7/10 song imo. Remember lads that every album has it's weaker songs

  29. For sure, but it's kinda worrying that they choose this song as the album debute track. Generally artists always go the the most markable song on the album for a single/debut track.

  30. I'm so tired of the petulant people complaining about the drums. They fit well with the song. Complexity for its own sake doesn't make for a good song

  31. The instrumental in itself is very monotonous. I think having a more complex and varied drumgroove could've lifted the song to a new level.

  32. Second this. Been called a racist and a bigot because I prefer to side with the brotherhood. I def dont like how the treat some in the wasteland, but i still believe they are the best option for endings, and that's just my opinion, it's a video game afterall.

  33. People that unironically call other people racist and bigoted for choosing a certain side in a bloody video game are nothing but sad basement dwellers with no actual grasp of reality.

  34. Unpopular opinion on this thread, but Elaine was no Rachel Green from Friends. She has a unique beauty that is intensified by the fact she shares so much screen time with a bunch of unconventionally looking bozo dudes. So Elaine feels like a 9 or 10 based on who we see her with, but she was really a 7 at best.

  35. Isn't that one of the characteristics for her character that the showrunners where going for? A woman that thinks she's more attractive and desirable than she really is.

  36. Would've enjoy the DLC far more if they'd have treated Sam better than just having him as an idiot with the role of comic relief for the entire game.

  37. Removing the rap would literally be removing the entire messages of the songs lol. Like removing Bootie Brown from Dirty Harry would be dumb bc it’s literally a message about the abusive military regime & war lol. Or removing Schoolboy Q would be ridiculous bc the song is about living life with purpose lol. Like come tf on.

  38. Some people just don't care about the message of the song. They listen to it just cause of the wibe.

  39. do you honestly think that one for the road and fireside sell more tickets than 4/5, mardy bum, fluorescent adolescent, a certain romance,...

  40. I think that not having enought song from AM could hurt their ticket sales. Apparently the monkeys and their managment must agree, since most of their gigs even after 2018 have been heavily AM dominant.

  41. The gigs after 2018 added one song to the set list (5 TBHC - 5 AM as opposed to the regular 6-4 from 2018) but 1/3 of the show of the same album is definitely a stretch. 5 songs would’ve been fine

  42. In a vacuum, sure 1/3 sounds excessive. But AM and WPSIATWIN is by far their most commercialy successful albums and makes the others pale in comparison. Songs from those 2 albums are what people wanna hear. I'd been fine with them removing a few AM songs, but I can understand why they keep it to consistently 5-7 songs per show.

  43. Are we pretending 4 hours is a small amount of sleep now

  44. Let me guess, you read something about 4 hours being an reasonable amount of sleep for most people on some instagram post, and now you believe it to be 100% true without doing any research of your own.

  45. Dang went from hating racists to just hating women. Betcha I can list the majority of your personality traits

  46. Friendly my ass, little man could've snapped the dudes neck the way he was jerking him while in rnc

  47. That's why you don't do friendly matches. It may start out as friendly, but as soon as the adrenaline och competitivness starts kicking in, it's a good chance it will escalate.

  48. She was willing to sell a bioweapon to a tyrannical king just to save her own ass and killing her is this strongly frowned upon? Don't get me wrong, I've saved her in every playthrough, but I can definitely understand why some people would choose to kill her.

  49. The only reason for the controversy of killing her is because the people that get emotionally attached to every fiction female characters in video games that have more than 2 minutes of screen time.

  50. Nah it's a woman on steroids. They tend to aquire male features over time.

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