1. So are the vending machines. Hanging bags of chips have gotten many a associate in a quandary!

  2. That is definitely a fantasy of a teenager. The writers are getting younger and dumber.

  3. Before I transferred to deliveries I worked in D23. Every time I created a will call I picked it immediately. Simply because it's difficult to explain to the customer, a day later, why part of their order in now Out of Stock.

  4. what kinda projects they got kids doing these days LOL. i have no help for you but good luck my friend

  5. That is completely INSANE!!! Kudos to the associate with with that much patience. That being said, in 3 months everything will ring up .... .01

  6. I have a DS who not only knows more than most ASM'S, but I consider the most knowledgeable person in the box. SHE will answer a customers question. Customer will then ask me the same question looking for a different answer only because I am a man. My reply, "Your question has already been answered".

  7. I am so envious. Your store is so clean and looks to be stocked. I have only one observation. You don't have one customer?

  8. Red tape! Red flag! I don't think this is the first time they made it home without KILLING someone. Lol.

  9. Your suppose to be a DS for a year. The only exception that I've heard of is being hired as an NRM.

  10. Naw. That's job security! And you don't have to talk to any customers too boot.

  11. The schedule system should not allow scheduling outside your posted availability. You ASDS is overriding that. Call her on it or go to the Ops ASM.

  12. It wouldn't surprise me if the day in question is a Saturday. Weekends tend to be the exception.

  13. A "homer" is a badge management gives you when they recognize your hard wor.... So sorry. Your post is spot on!

  14. Forget about other departments. There are only two questions you must know the answer to... Where are the Air Conditioner Filters, and where are the BATHROOMS. Everything else is Gravy! LOL.

  15. Everything you said is spot on. Depending where you work; in 3 months you will not be hot as fuck! #LAYER_UP.

  16. Omg not to shit on your co-workers but how do you get an average pick time of 255 minutes!? That's like over 4 hours!?

  17. That OFA is the one picking whole deck and patio jobs. Or... Their in the break room banging on the vending machine trying to get the hanging chip bag to drop!!

  18. A jewelry thief. Thieves tend to be the only shoppers at THD nowadays.

  19. Florida?? Do you think DeSantis would allow a woman carrying a fetus with no SKULL an abortion? Hell no! Future DeSantis voter.

  20. Good lookin goose. Better stay away from the grill aisle. Lol.

  21. You WILL be the only one volunteering. Everyone else you work with will be "volunTOLD" to work the Christmas Tree Lot.

  22. Super cell storm and a defective drain, our ASM put in a fix-it with the video attached so hopefully it will be fixed 😅

  23. It never fails to amaze me what I see on this thread. Every time I start to feel bad about my store and think nobody could possibly understand the crap that happens. I scroll through this thread and feel a kinship with all of us who can do nothing but shake our heads.

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