1. Happy Birthday you adorable ginger boi 💜

  2. The delusions and disorganized speech is more indicative of psychosis than mania. Obviously probably both but the primary concern here would be the psychosis. With mania, this person would be wilding out but aware of herself. Right now, she is a danger to herself and others because of the psychosis. If she really did go to the hospital, I’m surprised they let her go.

  3. There's nowhere near enough information to make this deduction from that. No where near a danger to self or others.

  4. Where I live, they can't mail it to my city, so I have to have a PO box in the literal next town over to have it sent there. It's so fricking annoying.

  5. Just tell him how you feel? "Hey I'm not to sure how I feel hanging out without your gf?" See what he says. Be direct.

  6. The number of adults doesn't really matter. You can have 1000 adults, and none of them are going to be quick enough to stop a kid from waking their sister if they wake up from a nightmare screaming or something.

  7. If the kid is so sick that she needs to be protected from noise like this you'd think they would have kept her at the hospital. Lol

  8. What is this even supposed to mean? Chefs aren't men?

  9. I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t want to work so much as he’s a doormat. Whatever McKayla wants, he does it. So if she wants him to stay home and take care of the kids while she flaunts her flaps all over OF, or needs time away from the kids for her mental health, or whatever other excuse she gives not to watch her own kids, then he’s going to along with it. He’s even in some or her OF videos from what I hear.

  10. "Flaunts her flaps" 🤣🤣😭 stealing that one for later.

  11. They'll watch the kids while she recovers though.

  12. She needs to have someone proof read these. This hurt my brain. Lol

  13. Seriously. What compels people that aren’t even from here to run for government offices?

  14. Because they move here from their shit hole states and try to change us.

  15. Its all personal. For me a true punk is the one still in their 30s and up that love the music cause they love it. Those with professional ass careers, wearing loose generic walmart sports clothes cause it's easier to walk around in when you're a lil bigger in the waist jamming out to the bands you actually enjoy in your headphones or car stereo whatever it is. My angst now is putting a descendants sticker on my coffee mug lol.

  16. 40s and in my amazingly comfy Old Navy terrycloth shorts.

  17. Hi! Also a veteran. Currently in training with my dog. If you're in San Diego, let me know. There's a great non profit here that will help you with finding a dog and training.

  18. Imagine what she tells the kids when they ask why she is getting dressed up and putting on lingerie. Because im sure she walks around the house like this.

  19. Someone has to make money to feed you kids. You think money grows on trees?

  20. You need to find one that isn't overpowering and that takes well with your body's natural chemistry. Visit fragrance departments in stores and after sniffing a few, choose one to spritz and see how it smells on you throughout the day.

  21. It is so sad to see Nurie + Nathan turning into this kind of parents. Got in a car accident with their 1 year old unrestrained. Two babies 13 months apart with no stable incomes in their early 20s, barely more than children themselves. The damn juice bottle. We know so little about their life, but every single thing is worrying. They are fully on track to recreate the abuse and tragedy of their own upbringings. I know everyone had such high hopes for them but... damn. I really hoped they would at least be able to space our pregnancies a little and give each child more attention and FOOD.

  22. People don't generally do better without an intervention of some sort. She's not going to magically just know everything she's been exposed to is wrong. There's a reason the fundie cults keep the rest of the world out.

  23. Seriously, that baby isn’t old enough for juice :(

  24. So this vacation is Jill and Shrek going out to eat with Nurthan every night while the other kids starve at home. Cool.

  25. Fuck man, I miss good taco shop salsa. I'm from San Diego and I moved to Ohio and the people here wouldn't know good salsa if they drowned in a bathtub of the stuff. I've tried making it myself but it's missing that special something the "El Ranchito" and "Alberto's" style of taco shops in southern California had...

  26. I live half a mile from Roberto's on El Cajon Blvd 😃

  27. I'm literally the worst in the world at drawing but I can do a better crescent moon.

  28. She had all those fillers then pregnancy face.

  29. I sincerely doubt it. One thing I’ve noticed though about the older girls is, even though they are still underweight borderline emaciated, as children it was even worse. So perhaps their faces have filled in a little?

  30. Yeah, it was shocking (and sad) to see how thin they were as children. I couldn't even really tell who was who. Those poor kids.

  31. i had a big ol snozzer when i was younger and i just grew into it. when i look back on pics from my early teens my nose looks so big for my face. it’s normal now so it’s probably the same for them

  32. Yeah. Lol. Wow. I just haven't seen pics of them so young. What a difference time and weight gain will do. I actually have a hard time even telling who is who in those old pics. They've changed a lot. I can't believe she starved them like that.

  33. YTA. It does matter why he doesn't like chewing. Medical neglect is a thing. This isn't just a quirk.

  34. Do you, Kaylee, take Jonathan and his early 2000's phone holster to be your lawfully wedded husband?

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