1. Let’s see. The World Cup experience was less than ideal.. hope this time is not as bad

  2. Yeah agree Hotstar is really bad quality. Hoping jio has better quality and maybe more camera angles

  3. You are acting as if the Adani stock being over valued or it’s debt being very high was something top secret..

  4. Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t it be fairly scandalous that the home team told the curator what sort of pitch they want?

  5. Are you comparing his personal net worth with the taxes his company pays?

  6. If you can read that is a list of companies. And not a single Adani company is on the list.

  7. Well if Adani wants to prove this is wrong they need to sue in the US and win. Anything else’s just a smokescreen.

  8. Proof is in the pudding manufacturers are aware that it’s not a work truck anymore even if people buy it to make it look like they use for anything other than a commute

  9. Sorry no point sensationalising a fit politician … not unless you are certain of his politics.

  10. Hardly surprising. This has been in the news for some time. But the stocks have continued to rise. It is what it is.

  11. Why will elon NOT comply lol he is business first ideology later he would not want to lose the massive Indian market

  12. What Indian market? He doesn’t sell any cars in india last I checked. Or batteries.

  13. One would think Americans would be used to a couple of mass shootings a week. I mean they keep voting in favour of gun freedoms so they must find some gratification in their votes coming to fruition

  14. In a city where good coffee is so easy to find paying so much for it is a shame. Plus the pleasure of an early morning breakfast at your favourite Darshini with the smell of freshly made coffee is something that no fancy decor can replicate

  15. I keep seeing that called out as a small android phone but it's basically within a couple of millimeters of a regular iPhone.

  16. Fair point but that’s in part because apple intentionally handicaps the base iPhone.

  17. I thought you could get 3070 for less than 500. Heck a second hand 3080 can also be found for less…

  18. The robot was playing along. It didn’t want them to know it had secret IR eyes it had added to itself

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