1. I don't like it. Removes some immersion when the people you play with morph into whatever they want.

  2. But the fire wings, angel halo ring, radiant pink glow, skimpy glitter dress, and rainbow unicorn mount is totally immersive ?

  3. Pourquoi choisir ? Bientôt avec l'obligation de bosser pour des entreprises aux frais de l'État pour toucher le RSA, tu pourras avoir l'esclavage ET le RSA.

  4. tu réduis quand même ton espérance de vie en travaillant de nuit

  5. En fait il faudrait des éclairages qui s'activent au mouvement.

  6. Des détecteurs capable de fonctionner dans la rue consommeront probablement plus que l'éclairage.

  7. According to the way food calories have historically been measured, it only counts if the calories are metabolized. There's been some recent advancements in the way food calories can be measured (the first advancements in a pretty long time, as the methodology and charts had stagnated for a long time) and the recent advancements even indicate that how you cook the exact same chunk of food can change the bioavailability of the energy in it. For example, if you eat the exact same steak rare versus well-done, the well-done steak will metabolize into more calories. Something about breaking the structure down by heat in advance makes it so our digestion gets more out of it in terms of energy.

  8. I think the latest ones are made by subjecting people to a strictly controlled diet and collecting their shit to compare "input vs output"

  9. Les chasseurs be like : "Y nous volent not' travail !"

  10. Techniquement, ce sont eux qui ont volé le travail des loups à la base

  11. I rather we use 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z as starting point (year 0).

  12. But where do you get them in season 4 i thought that was a season 3 thing

  13. It's not a season 3 thing. You can buy them with LWS4 currencies to NPCs just like in LWS3.

  14. Wait so the Israelite"slaves" weren't actually even slaves to begin with but rather labourers. That basically negates a large element of the Exodus, the fact that the Israelites were all enslaved by Egyptians.

  15. It was a job for the population during the nile floodings so they got an income while unable to work the land.

  16. Nah, you see God must have hardened the heart of Hitler, but there was no moses to stop him at the time.

  17. The reason why commander sniping is frowned upon is because it is VERY EASY TO DO and it causes fights to end immediately causing a shitload of people to have to wait for the zerg with the sniped commander to come back. It kills the content and forces fights to end abruptly meaning there are less fights happening. Trust me, I've commander sniped and I've been on the receiving end of our commanders being sniped. It ends the fun for 50-100+ people adding up both sides up, people want to get on and have fun, not have to constantly wait on the team/enemies to keep regrouping every time their commander gets sniped.

  18. I take it you're not good at WvW since you said this. It's very easy to identify the commander in both bad groups and good groups. Just watch how the group moves and the commander is easily identified.

  19. I know that everybody in a squad follow the commander, but I've seen some have players baiting as possible commanders.

  20. Depends how badly it's optimized and how bug-prone doing it normally would be.

  21. Death do not need to be inevitable, but that doesn't mean people would want to live forever. Being able to choose is better.

  22. I remember not liking them as a kid in the 90’s. I think my mom boiled them then. My mother in law tosses them in oil and seasons them, baked at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Chefs kiss. I’ve been enjoying them for about 5 years now. I thought it was just the way they were cooked.

  23. I did a 23 and me, and it says I have the gene that makes it taste like soap... but I love cilantro. So maybe I just love soap??? lol

  24. I’d just prefer for them to add legendary stat infusions that have the 9 agony resist attached by default (unless they want to go crazy and make it higher).

  25. Each legendary infusion could give +11 AR and +5 attribute of your choice.

  26. Only reason why i made legendary armor, just so i dont have to bother with ascended gear crafting ever again. Same with legendary runes and trinkets, now im doing 7 legendary weapons at once for the same reason.

  27. At first I thought it was about the achievement asking you to kill things with a shield.

  28. Affirmation donnée au doigt mouillé ?

  29. La première motivation d'un politicien est d'être réélu.

  30. Et ça c’est bien le problème, et pas du tout une excuse.

  31. Et en quoi Bibi peut mettre fin au réchauffement climatique ? Il va passer une loi Bibi ? Il va arrêter d'approuver des contrats avec des grands industriels Bibi ?

  32. Mais de quoi tu parles mec ? Tu sais que l'ue a un parlement élu pour voter ses lois et qu'en avec le principe de subsidiarité elle a très peu d'influence sur pas mal de sujets ? Bref c'est pas le 3eme reich.

  33. MDR. Oui on élit les députés du parlement européens, mais ils ont pas de pouvoir concret.

  34. When I was about 11 or 12 I had a paper route that had about 80 people on it. My parents had convinced me to save my money, so we went down and opened a checking account. I was stoked because now I could finally save up to buy myself a Nintendo 64, which was coming out the upcoming holidays. One day I got home from school and was getting ready for my route when my mom pulled me aside to tell me that they had taken the money, but they would pay me back soon.

  35. Parents: "Why can't you manage your money and save for later? You won't survive as an adult if you don't"

  36. It's bad parenting and a-hole behavior, my mother still tries to pull stuff like this and I'm an adult. She'll buy something for my daughter and then steal something of mine that she wanted because I "owe" her so she gets to look like the fun grandparent and then I get called ungrateful because I hide my stuff from her

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