Musk says Twitter will suspend Kanye West's account

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  1. Reading comprehension isn't that guys strong suit.

  2. Ok homie, gonna be honest with you, you soubd kinda like a dick. There a LOADS of people that had straight As and failed life and vice-versa, I get that you are trying to say how you process being a mediocre student, but there are a lot of people whos life plan does not include scholar achievements, who you're basically insulting. Keep in mind that just because you're not the best doesn't mean you're worthless. Plus, being good in school prepares you only theoretically for any job, but when you go practice it's a different story.

  3. I almost responded with a ton of snark, but after scanning your Reddit, all I want to say is, “take it easy on yourself”. The truth is you place way too much pressure on yourself to be successful. You are perfectly valid without doing everything “perfectly”. You haven’t wasted your life or squandered your talents. At least not any more than the next person. That’s not what life is about, be kind to yourself!

  4. Wholesome answer. Hope OP takes a deep breath.

  5. I don't really care for them but it's just s ring. Idk why it matters.

  6. That would be pretty cool not gonna lie.

  7. Probably wrap later, closer to 165-170 is usually where I am for. And then I usually pull around 200-203.

  8. How would it ever get to 203 if once you hit 165 internal you lower the external to 155? Seems like it will cool to 155 and stay there, or am I missing something?

  9. I do think I made an incorrect statement. I believe he takes it to 190F then uses the hold temp to finish it off.

  10. Not to mention LSB data from WiFi ADC input..

  11. Can't forget about the IGB and WRO protocols

  12. Time-stamped, reliable, archivable and deposition ready.

  13. I had to sit through a witness deposition for a previous company going through a lawsuit. I was very careful about what I wrote and how I wrote it.

  14. Bunch of dogs taken shits.

  15. Must get confusing when you call that and they both come running

  16. TBF saints fans seemed just as surprised

  17. I'm beginning to think Saints might not win the superbowl.

  18. Is it crazy that I used all those moves at one point in my life?

  19. Punch first, then walk away while the other makes funny noises on the floor.

  20. They're probably confused why DeLeon has no pants on.

  21. Not cheap to fix no, and it lowered his main stat (charisma equivalent) by one until it was fixed, and the leg got blown off mid heist, had the bastard prop himself up on the side of a speeder and keep shooting

  22. Are they compatible together? Like if you have 1 or 2 books from above can some players play Jedi and others play Pilot and soldier (or whatever)?

  23. Meanwhile Michael Thomas sneezed too hard and strained his back. Day to day.

  24. How dare you? He's definitely coming back maybe. Hopefully. Plz.

  25. I find the people who dislike these comics (and get super vocal about it) really weird lol. I don't like a lot of things on reddit - so I hide the poster or unsubscribe or create a filter even.

  26. My therapist was reluctant to suggest Asexual. She figured I was gay. Took some experimenting but yeah. Ace.

  27. Maybe the relationship made them realize they’re asexual

  28. To he honest.... this is what happened to me (ace) and my wife (not ace).

  29. The spinning is because of momentum conservation! Imagine an iceskater doing pirouettes, and then you see them making themselves smaller and rotating faster. This is the same when a star becomes a black hole, a star spins and as it becomes smaller (a black hole) it will start spinning faster! You can imagine bits will basically be ‘flung’ away as the rotation goes faster and faster :)

  30. That's got to be the best feeling ever congrats man!

  31. Get it, queen! Live well, your feelings and preferences are valid. Happy journey.

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