1. I'm not following anyone's plan though. I just kind of did what seemed logical this time. burn more calories than you eat, avoid processed carbs, sugar, pastas, breads, rice etc. which is tough since I work in a restaurant!

  2. This is exactly what I am doing. I'm 6 weeks sober tomorrow, and 5 weeks eating clean and adding a little exersize . I work at a grocery store so I walk and lift heavy meat cases allday as it is . I can feel and see a huge difference in my body already from cutting out all the bad shit My skin and hair is rebounding like i never thought possible.

  3. Yes! It's an amazing feeling to be refreshed when I get out of bed.

  4. I'm at 31 days today too, we have the same quit date! Keep it up we got this!!!! IWNDWYT

  5. Kombucha is my new daily drink. I work at a grocery store so it's getting pricey. I need to try to make my own. I've been making my own apple cider vinegar drinks for a week now since I realized it's so much cheaper to make at home in 1 minute and $3 cheaper!

  6. Light you up by Blue October is my anthem right now

  7. Nevada checking in. I haven't relearned how to sleep normally yet (going into day 2 here). I hope by Saturday night it's better. 10 hour shifts with no sleep are hell.

  8. Nevada here too! Where are you headed today? I'm on day 28 and the insomnia sucks. I got a tease if amazing sleep during week two, now I'm craving that deep sound sleep more than a drink

  9. Yup. Nevada. Bout to do some skincare selfcare.

  10. I'm in Nevada too... Looking at day 18 I think. I was sleeping so good the second week, now it's back to shit sleep and headaches to boot. Ugh. It had to get better!

  11. I black out about 75% of the time. It's like I'm on autopilot from the stories I hear. I do not miss that.

  12. Agree! It's not for me. I'm right behind you with 14 days today! I've been listening to Chris Scott fit recovery at work and his brain chemistry and supplimentation seems spot on in my case. I'm trying to replenish all those vitamins nutrients and amino acids I lost in my years of uncontrollable drinking. I don't know if it's the placebo effect but my brain is not freaking out this time. And I can say since I've been 14 (i'm 43 now) this is the longest I have ever been able to be sober by my own choice. Every other time I was able to quit more than 2 weeks was because I was pregnant. I feel freaking great and I hope this feeling lasts!

  13. 15 years drunk and only 12 days here. I WILL see three months. I'm determined.

  14. Congratulations. I am also making mini goals. I hit two weeks on Monday, then I'm going for a month. So far I'm feeling good. Grumpy the past couple days but better than any day hungover! IWNDWYT

  15. Keep with it. It gets better in a few days. The first week is rough. I'm on day 10 today and just started feeling better in the. Last 2 days. Waking up to feeling like shit every day is no way to live. Every morning I remind myself how good it feels to not be hung over. I may have other shit going in but at least I'm not hung over! Remember this feeling and think back to how you feel right now next time you feel like taking a drink. It's so not worth it. IWNDWYT

  16. 10 days here too! Congratulations! Let's keep it going!

  17. Congratulations on the job! And keep up the hard work with keeping sober! Every day is a victory!

  18. 13 hours!!! Im jealous! I don't have to wake up at 4 for work so I'm hoping to catch 6-8 hours tonight!!

  19. I think I might not have slept at all for about 3-4 years before I finally got on this streak. The first 6 weeks were a sleep rollercoaster but it got better, became a highlight of my day and I still crave it now.

  20. Yes I feel like it's been several years since I've been able to sleep more than 2 hours without waking up! I tossed and turned and my legs and feet would twitch from about 1 am until I have to be up for work at 4. And the anxiety on top of the restless muscles was enough to dive me to drink MORE to stop it all.

  21. Oh sweet slumber! Last nght at 8 days sober I finally slept for 5 solid hours. It was heaven. I look forward to sleep tonight. How strange something so normal becomes elusive when we are hitting the bottle hard.

  22. I'm 43 and wasted more than half my life to drinking. Blackout drunk nightly for the past few years. I'm ashamed that I put everyone through what I have. My husband, kids. Both My parents died in the past 5 years and their daughter was a drunk. I'm 9 days sober today. Longest dry period in years. I feel both pathetic and victorious. Pathetic that I have such a problem that nine day sober is a big deal and victorious that 9 days IS a big fucking deal. You can do this mama! I will do it with you!

  23. Sweet!!! I hit 10 days tomorrow and I'm determined to make it stick this time!!

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