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  1. I saw one site that had pictures of both for their images haha!

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure what to think. Maybe someone who actually owns them will chime in. They aren’t nearly as cool with the all yellow toes.

  3. I have them and they don’t look as much like a tennis ball as this picture. Just solid yellow on the toe . And orange on a side. The colors in person are brighter than this picture tho.

  4. Well that’s misleading and disappointing.. Thanks for confirming :)

  5. Like someone else said, a duck farm. Ducks like to roost in an enclosed space like chickens at night, and this video was likely taken right after being let out in the morning.

  6. It looks like it says “If I get circumcised where will I keep my SMEGMA”

  7. Fuck I miss wormnet, everything went downhill when they removed the ranking system if I recall.

  8. I just think 3x$15 hr people answering phones is better than a single person at $45/hr is a better solution when resources are stretched so thin in the middle of a pandemic.

  9. Wtf, Good luck finding people willing to do such a stressful job for that wage.

  10. People will buy that so fast. There’s only 600 Phoenix Yellow Type Rs. I’m surprised they had it long enough to get it in the showroom at all.

  11. I ordered seeds online from a fairly reputable seed company, these were supposed to be winter luxury pie pumpkins.. far as I can tell, they do not resemble pumpkins. I have no other squash/zucchini plants on my property besides other pie pumpkins so I don’t think it’s cross pollination, neighbors are a fair bit away. I think it looks more like a gourd. What do you guys think?

  12. I eat about 26 cookies a day. Fruit is trash. Never had a fruit in my whole life willingly

  13. Upvotes for this baby duck with a ‘can-do’ attitude! 🦆

  14. For an example of how petty people can be, Socks was so popular that he got mail at the White House(mostly from children) and some congressmen tried to raise a fuss about Clinton wasting tax payer money on White House stationary and stamps for a staffer to respond to the letters as Socks. To kids.

  15. day 1 purchase, as much as you can afford.

  16. The backyard hens discussion is an interesting one! Personally, I could see why (otherwise) vegans would do it, but I wouldn't. The whole "animals are not ours to use" thing honestly doesn't resonate with me that much - in a fairytale world where animals live happily despite us using their problems, this would merely be an opinion. However, there's harm to be proven here.

  17. Backyard chickens, which are layer breeds, are typically bought from hatcheries or local hobby farm breeders, not from a factory farm.

  18. I love jaw fish, but after 3 attempts with pearlys I gave up. Wish you luck. Blue spots are gorgeous!

  19. Ya we have chickens but the one recently had some eggs hatch and the chicks hide under her like that.

  20. An over easy fried egg. I call them dippy because when you break the yolk you can dip toast or whatever you’re eating into it.

  21. Haha I’ve always called it egg dippy. Finally I’ve found my people.

  22. No pips. But I think I see the eggs move.... or I'm just going crazy.

  23. Yeah, why not people might of missed it.

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