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  1. My puppy used to do this all the time and still tries sometimes before getting outside, but it definitely gets so much better! My girl is about to be one and she is a completely different animal than she was at that age.

  2. Lots of baths and wash beds, blankets, toys, etc. frequently. My Frenchie was able to beat it after first the first round of medicine.

  3. This this this! -28 degrees outside and it’s just “15 minutes away.”

  4. You should be asking all these companies why you were not hired and what you can improve on.

  5. Some interviewers are kind enough to provide feedback directly after the interview. This is just an idea. A good question to ask in order to get the conversation rolling is “Do you have any concerns about my background or experience?” Also, just out of curiosity, what salary range are you shooting for and approximately where do you live?

  6. What brand of puppy food was he eating? If it was okay with his digestive tract, you may want to try getting the adult form of the same brand. Also, Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach did wonders for my smaller dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  7. I recently started a new position and just had our first department meeting. I was one of three women out of 86. And here I thought I could maybe meet my wifey at work lol

  8. Ask a ton of questions even if you feel dumb and be professional. That’s all there is to it.

  9. I was doing the same shit last summer but have zero complaints. This kid sucks.

  10. Safety and I just want my babies to be as comfortable as possible when they’re in their crates at night.

  11. I went back to the office for the first time today and it was fucking awful. Didn’t talk to anyone, which I prefer, but there is absolutely no need to be there. It fucking blows. Once my contract is completed, I hope I can find a wfh position.

  12. Mine is 48lbs and 9 months old. She is tiny and most likely won’t grow much more. She is a pocket sized golden as I like to call her. She had a growth spurt 2 weeks ago and grew taller for the first time in a while.

  13. What the fuck. I’m glad you left and dumped him without thinking twice. I wish more women were as smart as you.

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