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  1. The fact that you put your whole life on hold, telling yourself that you will resume living when you lose the weight. Then not being consistent with said weight loss journey and basically…never getting to truly live.

  2. Whoa, I thought I was the only one thinking like this.

  3. It just makes no sense, like getting mad cus someone from another culture wore my traditional clothing? If anything other than interesting, it actually promotes my culture. And guess which culture would be around 100 years from now?? A well promoted one... Duh!

  4. As a black woman I do not police who gets to wear cornrows

  5. White trans people need to stop acting as if the struggles they live every day is the same as racism against black people. And I say black People specifically because I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen a white trans person say something like “it’s just like being called the n-word” or pointing their finger at straight black people who don’t know their struggle and saying “you should know and/or do better because of the racism against you.” -newsflash: we live totally different lives and have our own challenges, yes both are extremely dehumanizing but they are not the same

  6. This is not a good take. It's convenient for the right to make people think that both sides are bad but the badness of the right is far worse than, uh ... what about the left is bad?

  7. What’s so wrong about the left? Your very first sentence alone: you just said my honest thoughts and feelings are bad without a valid reason whatsoever. Politics and politicians suck and don’t give a fuck about any of us. I don’t like crips and bloods, so I don’t like republicans and democrats they’re both gang bangers to me.

  8. Your take is bad and this is why is what's called an argument. The second part elaborates the first.

  9. Bell peppers on a pizza; changes the taste and smell of the entire pie and ruins it for me

  10. N.E.W. Oakland by Mistah Fab!! -for the longest time I had no clue what “on grand citas” meant until someone explained it to me 😅

  11. I tried typing it out, but it’s just hard to explain…thought I’d never use this phrase but, IYKYK 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. What? No ArrDee or Aitch? 😂😂 jk jk don’t kill me

  13. I love the presentation here. It's such a different approach.

  14. I remember first hearing this song playing a random Tech playlist, it startled the crap out of me while I was driving 😂

  15. I went in 05 as a teenager 😂 I still have yet to have as much fun as I did that day in the years since

  16. Blood on the dance floor, they are for sure different

  17. So conservatives don't give a shit if they kill other people you're saying? How.... interesting.

  18. You must’ve been really bored last night 😂 like this is what you do instead of going out and making real life friends

  19. I’ve got to say the fairly recent progressive pivot to advocating for abolishing cars is really frustrating.

  20. Isn’t it weird? First it was the whole “dogs vs kids” argument now “cars vs cycling” tbh these stupid arguments won’t change anything, they just give people something to do on social media 😂

  21. Black owned weed businesses are non existent, people (like white people) are “more comfortable” buying from white budtenders, and black people are still arrested/jailed at a disproportionate rate for weed.

  22. If it's made legal, then no one will be jailed for it, no matter the color of their skin.

  23. Thanks for asking as I’m realizing that could be confusing. No, not a meetup. I’m working on an app/platform.

  24. People can meet from anywhere on social media, how will your app and/or platform stand out from the others and actually get people to put in the effort to meet up?

  25. Sure! Most apps that focus on finding friends rely on photos to connect which may feel superficial (bumble bff) or interests but require you to drive somewhere and put yourself out there which can be hard (Meetup). I’m trying something else that so far I‘ve heard people say is easier to engage in, and less superficial. Does that help?

  26. It makes sense, and sounds like something I’d try. Good luck on the development!

  27. Congrats on your sobriety! I wish you continued success in life

  28. Wow that is really nice! I’m officially jealous

  29. You were missing how super advanced transition medical tech is these days.

  30. It’s actually not “advanced” enough to give trans men bottom surgery that works like men assigned at birth which is why a lot of trans men don’t do it.

  31. I saw a true crime story on her many years ago

  32. East bay? Like Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, El Cerrito.. I think Walnut Creek is too.

  33. Like I mean people here are calling CCC “contra costa” as if it’s a city on its own and not specifying what city they’re in…you know, annoying transplant stuff.

  34. What part tho? I was born and raised in CCC, honestly this part of the bay is better when you were born and raised in it. It’s not like the big city vibes, but you can def find things to do. A lot of new stuff is around since the gentrification blew up and a lot of good mom and pop shops when it comes to eating. I could see why you would not be a huge fan cause this isn’t the Bay Area you see on tv or hear about when you’re from elsewhere… but there’s def things to do.

  35. As a Bay Area native, I’m trying to figure out where tf “contra costa” is if it’s not the entire county 😂

  36. I have noticed millenials are way more tolerant and less racist, generation z is getting indoctrinated on social media with fascism and far right

  37. Same thing with far left. I’m not a political person, but it doesn’t take a genius to see both sides are trying to take each other down out of fear of being erased

  38. But there’s lots of work places where political views are put on display, like public schools. Why is there a “not while on the job” rule for teachers? This is why I hate politics and don’t associate with either side. Red and blue fight like crips and bloods or norteños and sureños.

  39. Not quite Nashville, but Beasley's Carolina Reeper hot chicken sandwich is fire

  40. Delicious, but different from Nashville Hot.

  41. Not even different. Its inedible. There is hot chicken with great flavor and the heat. AC really screwed the pooch on this sandwich. No mention of reapers (at least in early iterations) or just how fucking got it would be.

  42. I had it once, and I thought I could taste a little flavor under all that heat 😂 sorry you didn’t like it

  43. Love tech I don’t attack people for having their own opinion

  44. This meme insinuates being called by wrong pronouns is so bad that it literally killed them, which is the same in severity as the Muslim woman being beaten to death for breaking sharia law.

  45. A health crises and unable to work, disability not enough to cover your rent and bills= new tent city resident

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