1. It very much is tho tbh especially Modoks origin tho ngl

  2. I’d say that you could get a job to start paying off the debt as well as having a stable income stream while working on the new idea tho tbh

  3. Being able to choose how you live your days tho tbh

  4. I’d say talking to therapists or thinking out loud to help you straighten out your ideas tho tbh also sometimes you have to jump in rashly to get it done tho ngl

  5. I’d say that you should’ve kept your 1k/m clients until you got more 25k/m clients because that would’ve been the smart thing to do tho tbh tho as for now I’d say try and cut costs as much as you can tho honestly also to stay afloat until then also be careful with taking out the second loan if they’ll grant you it tho tbh because you don’t wanna go too far in debt tho honestly also be cautious because nothing is assured tho if you truly believe and think it will work than I’d say trust your gut tho be smart about it tho ngl

  6. I don’t yet have any such experiences to share tho tbh tho I’d say that learning how to bounce back is more important than learning how to build because you can use your skill of how to bounce back to teach yourself how to build in the first place tho ngl

  7. This is a cool and interesting idea tho tbh tho I’m eager to see proof of that tho ngl

  8. I don’t know about what it is so I can’t give you specific examples tho I’d say in general it’s still useful in some cases tho tbh tho as everything is coming be nowadays is that their are now tools to make it easier and quicker tho honestly tho it is still useful tho not as much as it was tho ngl

  9. It is completely possible to do it without social media tho tbh tho you’d have to market some other way tho honestly also that is true for most of social media tho their is still a lot of good left in social media tho it is dwindling tho ngl

  10. No because I’m currently unemployed also it depends on what job it is and how committed, motivated and productive you are in said job tho tbh because AI or robots or programmed or hardwired to do exactly as their told entirely and completely until the job is done so I’d say yes in no because for the jobs that they can do I’d say it’d make it get done faster because they don’t need to eat or have breaks tho honestly tho there are some jobs that they can’t do which will be reserved for us people to do tho tbh also if they malfunction and or glitch then humans will be tagged in to do those jobs then as well tho ngl

  11. I’d say having popularity and other stresses of life that don’t revolve money tho tbh because money doesn’t solve all problems tho ngl

  12. Your doing just fine because everyone does things at different paces tho tbh also it’s more about time management and all nighters tho ngl

  13. This is actually record timing and extremely efficient tho tbh also it may have helped me tho ngl

  14. I’d say yes and no because you can still make money off of there tho tbh tho the app is dying tho ngl

  15. I’d say confidence is a big one tho tbh also proving that you know a lot about the industry and the product as well as how it works and that your business plan is throughly thought out and being able to fill in any gaps and all questions tho ngl

  16. I’d say their has to be more to the story tho tbh tho that does seem viable all the same tho ngl

  17. I’d say this is probably true tho tbh because they do have to run their business tho honestly also we will see tho ngl

  18. I’d say either work under them to learn all of that tho tbh or just ask them about how all of that works and their process tho ngl

  19. I’d say that would be fair tho tbh tho if you don’t want to do that then I’d say come up with a justifiable alternative and then stick to it tho ngl

  20. I’d say mine is more they kinda just come to me tho tbh tho I try to find things I’m interested in or that I believe I see on the internet that I believe I can accomplish than try to accomplish it tho ngl

  21. Yea most aren’t me included tho I have information to help people out tho tbh also a ton of them are just them asking what exactly to do tho ngl

  22. Yea those are good ideas tho tbh as well as learn how to sell anything tho ngl

  23. To be fair, most of the businesses in Parksville were closed long before the highway moved.

  24. Can you send me the exact address of that one specifically plz thx

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