1. With regard to the 4080, Microcenter Fairfax, Tustin, Duluth, Marietta, Westmont, Cambridge, Madison Heights, St. Louis Park, North Jersey, St. Davids, Houston and Dallas have been pretty much sold out for a while. Also, Newegg / Best Buy and even Amazon are instantly selling every 4080 they can get their hands on, so there's that. On the other hand, Microcenter stores in NY are flooded with 4080, especially that Zotac AIRO model no one wants.

  2. There is one thing which will be unclear to us. Sold out does not necessarily mean they sold a huge amount of cards. As long as there are no sale numbers anyone can claim "sold a lot" vs "sold the few pieces they had and cannot or will not restock"

  3. Looks way more fun than 1 shotting mages and adcs. % max HP items and champs melt these builds.

  4. Bad value. 4080 above 900 is wasted money.

  5. Should be no news to us. Who cares what these shitty wannabe newsites says. These headline are exactly what they are supposed to be ... Click baits.

  6. In Stormwind or Ogrimmar there is a hub with a lot of portals to major cities older expansions and there should be a portal to caverns of time.

  7. Its a pvp talent and should only work in Battlegrounds or Arena.

  8. The moonkin form part works fine, I've got war mode on. Just can't get swiftmend to change anything.

  9. in shadowlands the affinities were a talent to choose from, i dont know how these work in dragonflight. In what spec are you trying to get the restoration affinity to work? I can only imagine these Affinities are always for the other specs than what you are specced into.

  10. Every past expansion becomes part of the base game when a new expansion launches. You are able to play the base game just with a subscription. That means when Dragonflight launches you just need to buy Dragonflight and the subscription to play.

  11. The only scenario where multiple discs work is when they only shield specific groups. Anything else is just waste of a healer spot, when they are wasting gcds due to stepping on each other's toes.

  12. Balance Druids also have a buggy spell. Typhoon has a hitbox 3x as wide as the spell animation AND if the animation is cut short it acts as if we're always casting. Disabling auto attacks and the esc key from working.

  13. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/mik-scrolling-battle-text

  14. oh shit that's incredibly useful! Thanks <3

  15. If you want a tank pet, i consider a bear the best with it's swipe ability. Gorillas were good B4 because they had the thunderstomp. In wotlk every tenacity pet can learn thunderstomp.

  16. Different tank? Different tank class? Maybe the HC tank had way better gear.

  17. I did every dungeon with different group (LFG), always the same...

  18. There can be quite a gap in gear for the tank. As a healer you will notice good geared tanks very quickly, when you got nothing to do or need to heal the dps more than the tank. Heroics get easy pretty quickly, by the amount of gear we get at 80. You can easily ding 80 run all heroics once and be ready to raid Naxx 10 man.

  19. With Guarded by the Light talent and Divine Plea at lvl 71 your mana problems should be fixed.

  20. I have heard many people are having problems with questie. Alternative codexlite.

  21. The boost would be lvl 70. Another alternative could be to allow the boost from the upgrade only to those who have already a lvl 80 character.

  22. The purpose of the fresh servers is that you have a new build economy. You don't need fresh servers if you want to level from 1 to 70. Leveling old content was, is and will be forever the ugly necessity of the game.

  23. You should be able to abbandon the quest and pick another one. And yes the effects of the specialisation still work in work.

  24. The best addon for this is probably WeakAuras. It's not an addon for ferals in general, but an addon which can do pretty much everything. You can create your own Weakauras or get Weakauras other players made from

  25. Level 1 - 10 is pretty easy on every class in wotlk. You will feel soon very mana hungry on your prot Pala.

  26. Jess and Dom, they didn't get far in the show.

  27. Can you please upload a screenshot from thaiphoon burner to see if your memory b-dies are the same with the b-dies on the F4-3600C16D-16GTZKW I have tested?

  28. I once encountered the same problem, where my GPU didn't clock down automatically when lower load is present. I think it was because my PC power management was on full performance and in Nvidia settings I had the power management setting on maximum performance. The GPU never clocked down and the power usage was around 100w when idle. With a balanced power management for the PC and the adaptive setting for the GPU power management everything should be back to normal after a restart.

  29. Tbh all AUS seasons are better than the US seasons.

  30. So if the maximum recommended wattage (for this coil:

  31. I am vaping the 0.2 ohm coils at 60w and the 0.4 ohm coils at 50w.

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