1. The classic combo is cm-ck or aa (bad hero though)-ck. Generally, chaos knight likes long range stuns or slows that let him bonk people. Venge, lich, lion are good. Alternatively, you could pick io or omniknight to be nigh unkillable.

  2. White vs Black pieces: Themed after heroes AND other units. Taking aesthetic into account over lore. Chess pieces have to be recognizable at a glance.

  3. Real talk. I don't feel like skins should change mortimer. He's as much of the hero as beatrice, unlike batrider's mounts that are just mounts.

  4. Literally an ability called mortimer's kisses. This gator is not mortimer.

  5. Your wd is right that your level 1s are weak and that you have kill potential on silencer starting from 2-3. However, letting you stand alone and watching you get 2vs1'd is the wrong decision.

  6. Items have no cast time in dota. However, blink has a turn animation if you're blinking in a direction you're not facing.

  7. Astral is a stun. You don’t need to spam and you don’t need to press shift-queue

  8. I meant if you're going to get hit by something when astral ends.

  9. would be cool if they got perma banned instead of just having to win 3 LP games....

  10. At this point winning 3 LPs might be harder than buying an account

  11. Probably. I just wish they would start charging $$$ for ranked matchmaking. It sucks to be held hostage by these douche bags in 50% of the games.

  12. ...How would charging for ranked reduce account buyers and griefers? Dudes already shell out money for accounts (and likely fuck tons of money on battle passes), they can afford the addition 10 dollars dota might cost. You'd just kill the active playerbase.

  13. I like how stuffing is still just regular stuffing, even in Liberal thanksgiving

  14. I can have it easily without getting drunk every now and then. All I need are two steaks, four eggs fried or boiled, two toasts, about 2 cups of tea with milk, 2 bananas, and a snack like crisps. Also I’ll need a free day to have it sparingly throughout. All of that and I’m not telling my grands they’re filthy tankies who have imperialist tendencies.

  15. Trying to reduce drunkenness is cringe. Embrace being a social tornado and doing/saying unfiltered shit within reason

  16. Xepher is a beast 4 and looked good even when T1 lost. Good addition, but Tims was good too

  17. Back when I still played rank, I got to legend by playing nothing other than dazzle and lich. I also took a bunch of drugs which I accredit to my mmr. Now I'm drug free and no longer legend.

  18. Aggro is global because the creeps are omniscient gods apparently. You can a click any opponent on the map and if the creeps see you click a they'll aggro.

  19. nihilists when they uhh... nihilists when the when the applebees

  20. There isn't an applebees in my country. I want to die. Not because I'm a nihilist but because of no applebees.

  21. Yeah totally blow off time with family members that could die tomorrow to play some cod sounds super cool and healthy 👍👍

  22. Dude my family is dog shit and they spend every holiday and get together to talk about their ultra bigoted interpretations of our already bigoted religion.

  23. If these 2 have hammers, call me a nail because i want both of them to pound me into my bedframe.

  24. Necrominicon + CD reduction talent on sniper is crazy good, sometimes better than maelstrom build. ah i miss necrobook

  25. Necro 3 was crazy on dazzle. The opponents never had any fucking vision because the item had 0 downtime.

  26. Ah yes, surely adding Necrobook back to the game will slow down wraith pact zoo strat

  27. I guess its time for me to become a beastmaster one trick.

  28. Turbo. And even then you'll get dickholes playing like it's TI finals and bitching at their team for not playing perfectly.

  29. I bet the saliva in their mouth made the shell a lot softer, right?

  30. Saliva is basic. Can't imagine that it would dissolve the calcium carbonate since bases don't react with carbonates.

  31. Kleptomaniac? I am out of the loop and didn't know he was also stealing shit in the scene. What happened? I don't care for Jimmy, not defending or anything, just asking what happened. Ty

  32. Jimmy saw an open purse at ti, might have been the manager for lgd, and stole cash from it. He later bragged about it and on his AMA when asked, he felt zero guilt and was just like "I was young".

  33. The problem I have is with that section itself. I can speedrun the sex quite well, I assure you.

  34. The spread for unranked matchmaking is higher, meaning that you play with a wider range of people. Recently I've been getting turbos against high legends, and my medal is still crusader since I don't play ranked sober.

  35. Can’t wait for new fans to learn how old sin and his mom are!!!

  36. Dota 1 isn't that old, I was still play it... In 2010. FUCK

  37. My cousin has gotten married and had 3 kids within that time span. Unfortunately, my niece and nephews are not interested in dota 2.

  38. My sister in law probably hits harder than the mine supervisors.

  39. Well, I'm not a twink and I have layers of fat where my abs are supposed to be, but I do understand economics.

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