1. Benny is the worst. “Hey baby daddy-o smooth moves-“ shut up and eat a mini nuke, Chandler.

  2. I like Matthew Perry a lot but he's... quite miscast in that role. With that voice and delivery Benny feels more like a genial bumbler, when I suspect as written he's more supposed to be a master manipulator who got blindsided by the bad luck of getting on the wrong side of someone who survives a bullet to the head.

  3. I haven’t seen the guides they put out so hopefully I don’t put out anything they already went over. Hold L1 and use the right stick to zoom in or out on your character. When in content it’s best to be zoomed out that way you can actually target things that are further than 6 ft.

  4. While you are technically true, it's particularly prevalent in NA/EU FFXIV due to the complete lack of any effort from Square to vaguely deter bots.

  5. Plates are cool but I'm rather talking about some kind of a builder or a preview

  6. If you're willing to try third-party tools, Anamnesis lets you preview gear and dyes. Very handy for expensive dyes in particular, since they're one-use in XIV.

  7. I bought the last set of Cryptlurker gear that I didn't have so now I have gear for all the classes I need leveled, which means I lost an easy poetics sink. What should I spend my poetics on going forward?

  8. The orchestrion rolls sometimes sell for absurd prices for whatever reason, check the market! Sold a 500-poetics roll for ~50k gil last week.

  9. Gonna be doing all the crafters to 50 soon. What job is not worth skipping storywise? Alchemist was good. Leatherworker was incredibly boring though

  10. To add to the other replies, Armorer's story doesn't wrap up in the ARR portion but continues in later expansions. So don't skip it unless you don't mind dropping into the middle of an ongoing arc later on.

  11. Tension, the floating snow upwards throughout the entire shroud when Odin appears is really cool.

  12. Tension is my favorite too. The way the forest just goes quiet, as if in anticipation of a great spasm of violence, is so unsettling.

  13. Yeah no. The player who passed won the housing lottery and it was their choice on what to do with it.

  14. Yeah for real. It's kinda ghoulish to pop up in a thread about a deceased player to pester their loved one about freeing up a plot, even if couched nicely.

  15. I just… feel like y’all are the ghouls, or maybe haven’t lost many people close to you?

  16. The original comment wasn't coming from a place of wanting OP to heal though. Like c'mon. "Give back to the community"? Be honest about why you're handing out this advice. This is so incredibly distasteful.

  17. Thanks! I started as Arcanist because I wanted to spec into Scholar. Would it be a good idea to try White Mage to try Healing while I Level high enough to spec into scholar?

  18. “But I don’t want to create the Kwisatz Haderach, I want to turn people into Hodor!”

  19. I know this is a shitpost sub but honestly some of the posts here lately have come across as not just joking around with the truly absurd situations, but genuine mean spirited shaming of anyone sharing or enjoying anything.

  20. Always a coin flip whether a post on this sub is gonna be good-natured shitposting or sweaty gamers whining that mainsub isn't salty enough for their taste.

  21. Picked up my newbie character again after advice yesterday from people. A lancer that’s around level 10. At the moment I’m just running around doing whatever quest is closest to me. Will this get me sufficiently geared and ready for dungeons when I unlock those or is there any other content/stuff I should work on?

  22. This is possibly better advice for getting secondary jobs started but: the first two tiers of your hunting log also give really good XP! You can get to ~lvl17 just by doing hunting logs and nothing else.



  25. Yeah but he never was King of All Westeros. He never took Dorne or the lands above the Wall lol

  26. Yeah, but that doesn't really matter if we're talking about what the de jure title should be.

  27. ffxiv has huge problems but i dont think are those the big ones (though they are big tbf), i think the incredibly broken UI/menus is a much bigger problem than server maintenance. 99.9% of every problem i’ve ever had with ffxiv have been trying to figure where the fuck anything is in any menu.

  28. There are so many examples of menu jank in this game that I just don’t understand the logic behind and has me thinking “wtf, did an alien design this?”

  29. Isn't there a tribe of Au Ra that literally marry horses of the opposite sex? Even go as far as to be wed to several different horses over the course of their lives due to how short horse lives are in comparison to an Au Ra. So if anything, the female Au Ra are okay with being split apart whereas the male Au Ra need theirs to be big enough to please-

  30. Wait, is this tribe in the Azim Steppe? I somehow missed this.

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