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  1. Signal reconnaissance, EW, more scoot in “shoot and scoot”, more air defence, nets, better camouflage and so on.

  2. We don't have capacity to produce Oplot-M, since the end of infamous Thailand deal. Not counting 2 produced units, because it's not serious.

  3. Reznikov today has said that UA MoD will order them. Maybe it’s like Bohdana, we have rushed RnD and made it feasible.

  4. The sooplier! Guy was apparently too scared to fight so instead he settled for very being extremely helpful. I would hope to be half that functional when taking fire.

  5. Idk anything about war. Is that an IFV? It looks tiny. Is there any footage of the Bradleys we sent them being used in actual combat? Maybe they're saving them for the counter offensive?

  6. That’s modified M113 APC (either from Netherlands or Australia). It’s armour is comparable to BMP-1/2 and 50 cal is enough to give hell infantry and other Russian APCs/IFVs.

  7. Another video showed UA drone operators making an IED out of a soda can, ball bearings and some kind of explosive. I imagine that since they're DIY devices the payload could vary quite a bit from one drone to the next.

  8. IMHO, those kind of drones are the future of warfare. They are incredibly cheap, precise and very modular.

  9. Wasn't there some kind of challenge with prize money called by some Ukrainian minister a few weeks ago?

  10. Yes, the condition was to get a UAV to the Red Square on 9th of May. Technically, they didn’t met the criteria.

  11. Storage of old soviet solid rocket fuel meant for ICBMs

  12. That company that owns it also makes test for some missile system I forgot what it is, something starting with A

  13. Pavlohrad is too close to a frontline for something to be produced there right now.

  14. The fact that there are still people on Earth who praise and support Elon Musk makes me seriously question the intelligence of these people.

  15. A couple years ago I found out that Musk is an absolute retard regarding politics, a lot of shit he writes is extremely damaging and disgusting. On the other hand, SpaceX is still freaking cool and Starlink has become a backbone of Ukrainian military’s communication.

  16. Because of three huge and critical things all came together to ensure it has a fighting chance:

  17. It’s not reformer if you dont have money for anything better

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