1. There are nobles and Grail Knights who stand up for the peasanty but they do this secretly as faceless.

  2. I went from unmarried to married with two children in the time it’s taken so far waiting for Kingdom Death: Monsters fulfillment.

  3. I recently got a kickstarter for minatures fulfilled. In the time since I made a pledge. I bought a house and got a huge promotion. Sold that house and moved across the country for another job. Bought a second house, moved in with a partner and signed a contract for a third job.

  4. Simon, the only actually decent actor on that awful show. My mother loves it, have seen it on and off and I do not like it, but I always though he did a good job, where others always seemed kinda formulaic and stiff, he seemed so animated, had a huge scene presence in comparison to the rest. I legitemely think he has the chops and could do good work, with, for example, Wes Anderson.

  5. She is also the voice of Harley Quinn and I believe she has show runner credits for it as well.

  6. 8th edition retcons it so that he was actually just hiding out after his defeat at Hel Fenn.

  7. Nah. Its not a recon. Manfredd was slain, he was just later resurrected.

  8. Yeah, no. The preferred nomenclature is their tribe name, if anything. You may know a few people who are ok with Indian, but there are defiantly more who prefer Native American, Indigenous, or more specially Cherokee, Souix, etc.

  9. Not anymore. They probably should still be considering their historical territory, but their population is large enough in the areas they still live that they aren't considered endangered anymore. You can even eat them (they're really good)

  10. Dad didn't know his dad was an idiot? I call bullshit. I know my dad's and idiot. Hell, even my idiot brother knows our dad is an idiot.

  11. Unless you think predicting the future is a normal skill surely you can understand the plausibility of knowing your family member is an idiot, but still not expecting them to take X action.

  12. She was tied to Cuomo and her Lt Governor was recently indicted. You can't tell me she didn't see or hear anything about either men. She conveniently trashed Cuomo during his exit but I'm not convinced that she wasn't aware of what was going on. How could she miss that?

  13. It was pretty well documented that she was not in Cuomo's inner circle and they didn't get a long. She was chosen as Lt. Governor to help him in Western New York and that is it. She was very much excluded from decision making and often pushed to the corner.

  14. Nothing quite as prevalent as the Imperium eagle, but there is the twin tailed comet, the rearing gryphon, and the imperial cross.

  15. I mostly buy out of production WHFB models, but the market does see to have slowed down some.

  16. It's not easy to do, but if they were putting any effort in the would not fuck up this badly. Nearly every book needs a big errata after release, conveniently after the nice sales boost.

  17. Is it adequately explained by stupidity though? Could the most experienced and successful outfit in the industry truly be this stupid? We're not talking about complex rules interactions that sneak through play testing. Nearly every time a new book comes out there's something that's so obviously and ridiculously OP that everyone can see it.

  18. The Queen just needs to execute some prisoners until she has a high enough Dread that the Independence faction disbands.

  19. Really hard to be hyped with these because start positions require context with well, other LL start positions.

  20. We know most won't change position, so you shouldn't have a hard time getting most of the picture.

  21. Skrbrand in the badlands is just weird. Sure, I get the arguments for moving the malleable LLs now, Nd letting the coming DLC lords have some space in the wastes. But the badlands are tomb kings, orks, and dwarfs. Who in the 'ell is gonna summon Skarbrand there?

  22. Are there also a lot of still missing units? (Especially in those base wh1/wh2 races)

  23. yes. Cult of Ulric units are missing for the Empire. Vamps are missing spirit hosts

  24. I'm pretty sure I have a mint condition box of questing knights I can share, and the older Knights of the Realm as well.

  25. Do you not see a difference between conceding the win and playing again and getting mad and quit?

  26. I was up late reading, falling asleep when I got to the red wedding. Was sat bolt upright for hours still reading after that.

  27. I will always remember reading that page. Stopping, then rereading the page again to make sure I got that right. Totally took me by surprise.

  28. hasbro as a whole is a massive company and does a lot of things with low margins. You should be comparing to Lego or Magic the gathering, not hasbro.

  29. Is knight the overall best thats why everyone plays it here?

  30. Nice head conversion. i am also of the camp that this model is better with a headswap. I like yours.

  31. They’ve split lords off into their own subfactions multiple times before, even if sigvald isn’t moved to slaanesh I’d be shocked if him and Kohlek don’t get their own subfactions and new start positions

  32. Well considering they have said that Volkmar is getting his own start I would assume he gets his own faction so I’m inclined to believe WoC will get the same treatment as well

  33. Volkmar is getting his own subfaction. He will not be getting his own faction. He will still be part of the Empire.

  34. subfactions sure. Nobody has said that was unlikely. Changing factions through I doubt. Which is what a lot of people are saying.

  35. God forbid we demand something from elected officials more than handwringing and donation begging

  36. What do you want him to do that doesn't fall in the category of tyrant? The President cannot dictate laws and cannot overrule the supreme court.

  37. Maybe if they pickup seats in the midterms. They don't have the votes as of now.

  38. they've announced that the next version of Cities will be the "human" faction. Which make me nervous for all the old models but AoS desperately needs an plan old normal human faction. As for bretonnia the flesh eater courts are 100% old bretonnians. look at their rules you could easily covert old bretonnian models to represent any flesh eater court model. Just say the model represents their delusions

  39. If Brets are going to comeback at all, it would likely have something to do with the pocket dimension a bunch got yeeted to to escape the apocolypse, but of course in true Age of Sigmar fashion they would have to be changed in a way to make them incredibly over designed to make the models harder to recast and to fit in more with how over the top AoS is. Like the Lumenith.

  40. Most things they've shown are human based, so no not likely or he needs to be in one of the outposts under Bretonnia.

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