Snoop Dogg on Wheel of Fortune (real, not a skit)

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  1. It doesn't really have a taste that I noticed

  2. Do you prefer the real thing or do you enjoy the fact that there’s nothing attached?

  3. Did you find this out because you were trying to hang yourself after you got the promotion? From the looks of it you tried twice.

  4. They do it mostly for themselves. We all know that one person that believes all the lies they say. Basically living a lie.

  5. What’s the correct pronunciation for Ryver is it like Ri- or Rye-

  6. Ok....... That's f'n funny. Fully lol'd on that. Maybe not as much if I were sober. 🤷

  7. wtf ??? Are you brain dead? I'm pretty sure the father probably bum slapped his kid and the person who posted this stupid comment saw it and had nothing else to do other than announcing it on reddit!!! Shame on him !!! THIS IS WHAT SEEKING ATTENTION DOES TO PEOPLE, parents can't even discipline their kids anymore without some wanking ass pervert sticking his nose in their bussines

  8. If you were to tell me that Janet was a middle-aged woman who hasn't accepted hitting some crisis point in her life, I would be very surprised.

  9. You expect someone to tweet immediately after they see, hear, or think something they want to tweet about? It can’t wait until lunch break?

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