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  1. Raps fans. Our players I don't think are hateable

  2. 100% correct. I don’t mind the raps team. The fanbase is insufferable.

  3. "Lmao y'all weak ass hell been busting Cavs ass for bout 6 years look at the tape Lmao don't worry I will post highlights for your fake bum cavs page Lmaoo"

  4. Fucking hate that dude. Such an unlikeable player

  5. I’ve honestly thought about buying a Hyundai Elantra N. Really no options as it’s fully loaded, and it doesn’t sound bad for a turbo 4 cylinder.

  6. Definitely wait for your hemi. There is nothing like driving a big v8. Sure, you can make a car as fast as one, but it’ll never sound as good or be as brute.

  7. What about getting a 2022 SPWB instead of a custom order 2023?

  8. Now that I can get behind. Just don’t compromise—an Elantra N or STI is not anywhere near as nice or fun as a scat pack. You can make them faster if you put money in them, but they’ll never be as cool, sound as good, or look as good. The road presence of a charger is unmatched, especially a WB.

  9. Why does it say Mobley was 0/1 from three? He definitely made one

  10. Foot was on the line on that shot

  11. You buffoons! You don’t even know talent!

  12. I think it’s more due to the whole being covered in blood, running over his teammates and staff trying to fight Lebron thing

  13. That’s the only reason anyone besides Pistons fans knows who he is. So every incident like the one posted here will feed into that “reputation”.

  14. Lmaooo beginning of raining blood bridge type stat

  15. "This is the worst looking hat I ever saw. You buy a hat like this, I'll bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh?... Looks good on you, though."

  16. I think this club’s restricted, Wang, so don’t tell them you’re Jewish, okay? Fine.

  17. Nah, I know that people say this shit, you're just right now denying that it is bigotry which it objectively is lmao

  18. I legit didn’t deny anything, I just said that’s how people are. I’m not the one you responded to initially. Take a breath “lmao”

  19. That "you" was stated generally to anyone in this conversation. But you literally were denying it's bigotry by saying "that's how everyone is" because no, it's not.

  20. I think you need to cut down on your use of second person perspective in your writing. It’s almost impossible to follow what you’re saying.

  21. It’s Wade. Wade Mobley Allen lineups have had great net ratings. Lamar lineups have not performed well.

  22. That rating is due to Allen being out there, not Wade. When we have Allen and Lamar starting, we have looked good. Obviously when you throw Lamar in there with cedi and Levert, it’s not gonna be great.

  23. It’s either going to be Lamar or Wade tbh, Lamar is a better defender but Wade is better shooter. I don’t think we have seen enough games with either of them at the 3 to really make a distinction between who to start at the 3.

  24. Wade is a better shooter from three, but Lamar is more of an inside threat with drives and midrange, etc.. he plays better off ball than Wade with his back cuts and isn’t afraid to take it to the rack, which Wade rarely does.

  25. He's been really bad but he's not a chucker. He takes good shots he just misses them lol.

  26. He takes turnaround midrange shots like he’s Kobe and has airballed multiple. He has zero touch on his middys but just keeps throwing them up there and bricking them instead of shooting open threes or just passing to a cutter. He also double clutches every layup attempt for some reason, even if it isn’t heavily contested, which causes him to miss often. Definitely a chucker in my eyes, especially when he’s shooting below 36% from the floor this year.

  27. The coaches ask him to do that considering no one on the team can create their own shot outside of spidaland and sometimes they need to take a play off.

  28. That’s what he’s supposed to be decent at though, and he isn’t, and pacers fans warned about him. Us needing him to score also doesn’t excuse his atrocious shooting and finishing around the rim. When you’re 0/8, maybe try to make a play by penetrating and kicking instead of stopping and doing a Kobe impression with a turnaround J and clanking it

  29. I don't get these at all. Know everybody loves it, but why's it funny to ask the reporters? Is it an inside joke? Was I born a scrooge?

  30. He did the same thing in a presser like a week or two ago

  31. And people cracked up at that too. Probs just different styles of humor. Wasn't sure if I missed something

  32. Nah it’s just funny how he turned it around on the reporter I guess.

  33. He’s gassed. Leading the league in minutes per game at this point and has to carry on offense when garland and co inevitably shit themselves. He didn’t look like himself tonight.

  34. Donovan thought it was the playoffs 🔥🔥🔥

  35. He was just trying to let everyone know that amber is the color of his energy.

  36. If you’re talking width, you can fit 10.5s or 11s in the rear depending on the offset.

  37. If I could get 11s back there that would help dramatically

  38. You can, I know plenty of people run 11s. 10.5 is probably a little more common on a narrow body

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